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Maybe add a few easter eggs like being able to boop freddys nose on the poster and get a honk sound? Sounds fun dont it.

That's what I mean. I Appreciate you for listening. I love this game. Probably the best browser based FNaF game; never seen a good 3D FNaF for the web (p.s. I also found out how to adjust the settings, thanks).

Ok Ill try it. As for the jumpscares, I might have the animations play faster than current and have them tackle or their faces are "pouncing" close to the screen kind of like the jumpscares in FNaF 2 and 4. Just a thought  for a more intense experience. It makes me want to stay alive, so I dont get scared. Let me know if this makes sense.

Can you possibly rework the jumpscares? Also the settings do not work for me. It only shows 2-3 at a time even though all characters are selected.

great dude my job

Oof... closet zombie made me jump.

Ahhh... It must be nice to be able to fit an entire body IN THE FRIGGIN DISHWASHER! I love this.