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Zombie Survival community · Created a new topic Torrent

You can now download this game with BitTorrent:

.torrent file:

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I think it broke at stage 49 also how did I do?

I live to see another day!

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Yes that is a bug and I am not working on this at the moment. Development is currently on hold.

Can you attach an image? It says that the token is not encrypted?

It was removed, this is not the same program.

It was made in Visual Basic, and development is currently on hold.

The community has voted to make this open source so here is the link to Github repo.

If anyone wants the source code here it is.

Zombie Survival community · Created a new topic Open Source

This game is now open source.

Click here:

The development is on hold for the time being.

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I have not worked on it lately, and may never work on it again. If I work on it again I may change the name.

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I don't understand what your saying. You want a cracked version, because you can download it for free.

Its a fake token.

The program is still under development and not fully functional.

Not sure what it was tho.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know. I just released an update, see if its fixed?

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