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This game literaly cured my depression. I was feeling realy low around six months ago, i dont realy want to go into it, but i had some realy bad stuff going on. I had contemplated suicide once or twice, never seriously, but the thought was there. I remember one particularly insomniatic night, i decided to bust out my old ipad, just for the sake of it. I remember loging back onto the cool math app, and seeing this game on my recomended page. Hundreds of hours of memories from a long forgoten part of my childhood came flooding back. I spent the rest of the night on my computer just playing the game. No regrets. And I kept playing, day after day, trying to make the perfect utopia for all of my little moving pixels. In doing this, i think i was also working on myself. After I 100% the game(subjectivly-every building,10000 citizens, at least a million of every resource, 1000 year old SSotK member) I finaly had the courage to talk to my parrents about my issues. Thank you from the bottem of my heart, for making this absolute masterpiece, i will always be grateful