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A member registered Jul 31, 2020

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Really short but really fun!

Was this inspired by "Stick with it"?

Do the words "Perfect hard mode" mean anything to you?

How do you interact with things?

I, I can't describe this game in words.

Just play it to see for yourself.


9.6/10 overall

10/10 creepy

It's excellent but a little short.

8.7/10 as it is

10/10 if extended

Very fun, but would like to see an ending or goal.

All in all 8.9/10

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

Fun game, key is to find out where the hotspots are with the stations then sell them!

I can't find the key for the PE teacher?  I have looked closely at the cafeteria and either I'm missing something or there is a bug but 6/10.

Great combo between shooter and platformer, would love to see an update to this game!


Cool, but not really much content.  Also, extremely easy, took me like 20 seconds to complete the game.

Beautiful but the game is too short for any of your meters to matter.

How do you kill the guy in the box?

Better than any other free web browser FPS game.

You are right it is good.

A RNG game, meh.

Help me.

Tell me where it is.

I got level 65! Amazing game, but I think you should make there be a way to get hearts back and the beginning of the rounds easier.

You tell me.

I did it!  Somebody tell me how to get golden box and I will bring that too!

I agree!

Why does this exist.

Epic, more content plz.

This is dope, beaten it 3 times now, more levels and i would pay for the extended game.

Made an account to comment on how bad the title screen music is, good game though.