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ty! :D

I'm adding sound and music asap and I'll try to finish the game too :)

Thanks! :D

I'll probably be finishing the game to have something finished for my profile, so I'll be sure to add that :)

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Thank you! It needs more work tho, I'll add some transitions (fading) at the start and when you get the last fragment in the next update so it doesn't just cut to the text :) 

Cool concept, I can see this becoming a full game one day :D

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Wow... this is an amazing game! I really enjoyed going through this, the story is amazing and there are a lot of options.

Nice game! It's fun, original and well made. I especially like that the world is randomly generated every time :D

Alright, i uploaded a version for mac, that should work :)

Hmm.... Unity exports it as Windows, Linux, Mac... I'll see if I can somehow fix that...

Thanks for the info!