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I’m so happy to see this included in the Playdate Catalog launch! DTO is one of my all time favorite Playdate games. I couldn’t put it down, please make more levels or a sequel!! 

Just wanted to drop in to say that I love this game and it has so much potential! If you end up finishing it I'd be happy to pay for a full version!

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Just wanted to come back and say THANK YOU AGAIN this app is so cool. It's strange how much I like reading on my playdate, especially since i have a kindle, there's something really awesome about having such a compact eReader. It reminds me of that awesome and (sadly) fictional clamshell eReader from It Follows. 

hey i'm also unable to run this on mac. would love to play it though!

can’t believe how much fun i’ve gotten out of this little gem of a game. easily one of my must-buys for playdate. sadly beat it after around an hour and a half of intermittent play— any plans for a sequel or more levels? im trying a replay right now with no continues, but i’d love additional content, difficulty levels, and/or randomized new levels/layouts. 

thanks so much for this game! 

hey there, this app looks wonderful and i'm very eager to use it however i'm having trouble adding any books to pocket reader because when i load my playdate in data disk mode and look in the file system i don't see a pocket reader folder at all...any ideas?