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Nice aesthetic! 🌇


I haven’t tried this, but I want to tell you that I like the concept a lot. Keep making games!

ouch 🦻

It appears as though someone has copied your concept:

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I wish I could shoot arrows that fast in real life.

Now it just says "YOU LOSE" when I click to load the game 😅

It still doesn't seem to load here, but when I go to the direct CDN address (, it works. I think it's an issue with `localStorage` because I see a console error about that.

It doesn't seem to load.


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Hah—same, but JavaScript (so it works in the browser version):

Check the comments at the top for how to use it.

Laugh: 💯

Hello! I like this concept very much. Sometimes it was hard to know which mistake I made because the rectangles have no discrete boundary:

Thanks for creating!

The mechanic is very nice; it reminds me of Dandara. Especially if the shard cannot be recalled, it would be nice to afford the player with a "laser guide" for better aiming, and to include a button with momentary input to disable movement during aiming so that the player can aim freely without moving. Additionally, I see some comments here with suggestions to improve movement "tightness". I included a video that I think might be useful to explore this idea. Great game jam!!!

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I liked trying this concept. 💡👏

Feedback: I was using a keyboard and found it very frustrating to have to use the space bar. Perhaps the up key can jump and the down key can lift/drop?