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what are the minimum system requirements for this game cause i am literally playing on a potato computer

all of them

the voice is project melody love it

today this update should be free right

sweet i cant wait till the 13th i absolutely love this game great job so far really looking forward to future games

ok i cant wait im in love with this game

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oh so there will not be more to the game, yet?

a good tactic to keep the fans of the game on there toes is to post the approximated update release date in game description 

awesome job cant wait till the story is completely finished or the next update

looks like this is going super well for you and i now know how much work goes into games and makes me want to make my own even more. im just going to say this, "YOU ROCK"

and it is not really a visual novel

this game is ether in development and is not free yet or the maker is just all about the money

ok cool

yeah i get it, i do love the game and if i could i would love to help with any part of it (story line, dialogue) i will do it for free cause this is an amazing game i give a 10/10 so far cause it has humor, action, and sexy scenes.

plz let the full version be free Cause my mom won't let me take her card to pay for it

why cant i please try this new update for free

i send luck if i was able to i would love to help support on patreon but im not aloud to use my moms card

i would love to have a free full version of this game hell i would be honored to help with the story line man cause i can come up with some great ideas if you are interested HMU at