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Thx goodworkyes. Well I figure if it got flagged by defender then it's on everybody's list. It's been discouraging. And it kinda stinks that it got flagged.. (far as I know).. as soon as I proclaimed it beta. I know what got it flagged. You can read about it in the devlogs.

W10 had my system to it's knees. So I added code that killed a bunch of background stuff just to get my clock cycles back.

In my log "Oops...Mar 20, 2021", I hurriedly rushed my latest update with the notice that you will need to delete your FloDee folder, and I forgot to take the code that kills background stuff out. Up till then, I had always REM'd it out.

Buuuuuut, it never got flagged as malware till I published it as beta. I noticed that I didn't take the background killing code out, on the next time I tested it. From this update on.. "Sync'ed Click-Through panel with Task Panel  Mar 24, 2021".. the background killing code was REM'd. I took the background killer code out of it and didn't think nothing of it cause nobody complained or said anything.

I then made 4 more updates without any issues. It went from March 24 to May 21 with no problems. Yet as soon as I said it's beta, it became malware.

Notice the logs..

"FloDee is now in beta. May 21, 2021"

"FloDee has been flagged by Defender as malware. May 23, 2021"

So thx for telling me goodworkyes. I didn't know it was being flagged by Opera too   :(  

Hey thanks. It's still rough around the edges. Hopefully it will be ready for beta soon. In the meantime enjoy :)  And thank you.

Hey thanks. It had too many bugs. Try it now.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. You are welcome. It's indispensable. I find myself using it all the time. I just extended the expiration date on it.

Hi. I'm sorry, I've not been on the site for a while. Were you posting this to someone else? It is not anything I am familiar with.

Thank you. That was a cool tip.  I moved the menu to suit a lower resolution and reset the viewport so reflect that. Muchly appreciated. And thank you for the complements.