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I don't know how long you stuck it out for, but it ramps up over time. I haven't timed it, but at something like 5 or 10 minutes in, there are hundreds of small talkers on screen. Anyway, you might give it another go if you didn't wait that long. Thanks!

It froze up for me a little when there got to be too many projectiles on screen, but it ran quite smoothly in the early parts of the game. Did you say that you were making this from scratch in JS? Mine's the same; I only used two libraries: one for 2D noise and one for audio.

I don't have access to a Windows machine, but I really like the cyberpunk / neon art style! I also really like that logo font! What font is that?

I don't have access to a Windows machine, but the visuals look nice!

Sorry; I don't have access to a Windows machine. But it looks nice!