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I am usually pretty chill, plus I don't like to fake my reactions. Which makes them more genuine when something does happen that scares me. I feel like this should be the normal

Quick but spooky I always thought the spoopy ghost was close with the creaking in the background.

It was fun driving around, and all the citizens were so helpful with the case. Btw that's one weird looking rooster lol

I had a lot of fun with this one. Very creepy and well done. I loved the atmosphere and the noises that were in the deep. I loved the feeling of someone following me but there was no one ever there until you get jump scared lol

I am glad there was a beautiful couple to greet me in their beautiful home. I am excited for the full game :), hopefully it is out soon

Great horror game, that atmosphere with the maze was perfect but I really loved the hallway level. Those sounds haha, I don't have a space bubble but I think I might have one now.

It's time to banish this demon once and for all, sorry Mr skelly bones. You're going with him.

This little boy plays with his food and doesn't share the whole game, and he stays up way past his bed time. Good jumpscares, creepy environment and linear gameplay. Good short horror game, add this one to your EMIKA game collection. 

Full gameplay


Great Game, I love the twist ending, double twist with sprinkles lol. I am always excited for your games 616. 

Excited for this game when it comes out in 10 days :)

Fun short horror game. Didn't use the night vision but didn't need to as the ghost was looking at me while I was taking a piss, so rude.

Honestly couldn't find the direction of where to go in the game. The dude only attacked me once, but it was definitely funny playing the demo.

I am going to get your MEAT whether you like it not ;)

This dude was so rude lol

I should have read the bottom part of the page didn't realize there was controller support :). I can't wait for part 2. 

Definitely an experience. This was peaceful compared to other underwater horror games i've played lol. 

I love playing all these spongebob horror games, you really put us on the hook for another one at the end ;)

I can't wait for chapter 2 as the game gets scarier, running from that terrifying creature :)

Hey wanna buy this spooky hospital at this undisclosed location lol

So many jumpscares, can't wait for the next updates of this game.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I got jump scared sometimes just from nothing hahaha. 

Great horror game, and loved the jumpscares. Granny is going to count to six and beat my ass lol.

Don't ever look behind you, there's nothing ever there.

I had a lot of fun with this one. The language was apparently just to funny for me. 

Fun little horror game. I was expected some more scares in the game but overall good game. I had to press a lot of buttons to find the night vision activation.

Investigate martha's house and the mystery of her murder? Did these demonic dolls kill her? 

Lots of jumpscares, simple puzzles. overall good horror game :)

Full play

Man he got my meat so many times before I got his hahaha. Fun little game :). Can't wait for the next one.

I love these styles of games. I had a blast goofing off and getting scared. :)

Quick Horror Game. I was really waiting to use some special magic or a boss fight lol.

Good Short Horror Game, no matter what we've done we can still change and not let the light out in our hearts and soul.

The game was a lot of fun and a poop killer classic. It's always that same video store where crap goes down. No one's going to poop on my watch. 

I was finally able to play this game, as previous versions for me weren't working for recording. It was a fun experience, looking forward to the final game in the series next :).

Fun game, the trees made it hard to figure out where to go but overall good little horror game :O)

Loved the music and how your stamina needs to be used wisely as it doesn't replenish at the rate it needs to. The creepy music and everyone in your way pushes the level of horror up, good job mate :)

616 doesn't disappoint. Also gentleman, you can't change her lol

I need to find a wife....jumps into hole hahahaha.

IT was a fun short horror game