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Mannequins are always creepy lol

I am sure this is a fun game but i am currently glitched in the game and after 4 combos the racer game ends over and over again lol and can't escape out of the game

Greg gives me piggy back rides while the old man tries to steal my shit.

Interesting horror game.

I love the build of tension in the game. 

I played the 2nd but never played this one. I was hoping for some more back story on the family that lived here but that could be for the 3rd one you're eventually making :).

Can't wait for the full game :)

awesome thank you :P. Now no one can get the secret ending with getting trapped at the hobo encampment lol

The game freezes if you talk to the homeless dude to much lol. Happened to me twice but that's ok. It was a fun murder mystery to solve :).

this was a funny game, getting karate chopped by Ronald McDonald. Quick horror game :)

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I was hoping that we could save her soul with the fire extinguisher. Like if she caught the laundromat on fire and we put it out and save her soul. Something like that :). She ran so fast I couldn't even react. I want a rematch in the boxing ring. Enjoyed the game though, I love the lines though, everyone is like gtfo.

Thank you. I appreciate that. I always try and have some fun while playing games :)

This was a fun horror game. The boom is mightier then thoust sword.

Very Nice :). 

Definitely interesting game of a son that can't let go. 

Definitely run or he will steal your shadow fries. Fun little horror game. Recommended not to go in the woods alone next time.

The music and voices, the changing atmosphere. It was all very unsettling, good job :). Can't wait for your next game.

Hey Max, this was a lot of fun and thank you again for adding vsync it really helped with showing off your game. Why do we never listen when people say "I wouldn't go in there". Looking forward to more games from you :)

Hey I appreciate that :). I will try it tomorrow.

Hey Max Horror I'd love to play your game but it's very glitchy on obs. Let me know when you have a vsync update and I'd love to play it :)

Nice short horror game. Love the in chat font. 

So let me get this straight, I cook the food but I can't eat it. I wanted to eat the videotape. Funny short horror game :)

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This was a lot of fun. I am excited for part 3.  I was really hoping for an infinite rocket launcher in the safe lol.

Looking forward to a few more of your games when they come out :), like Catacombia and Dead Faces

Yeah it was a lot of fun :). Sharks in games always cause me anxiety, especially when you're defenseless. 

Great game, just got a little lost at first and then I didn't want to go in the water again. Haha but great game that actually scared me. Here's my full playthrough with both endings. 

yeah after looking around for a bit, I found my way around. Thank you again, I am lost again but don't give me any hints. Also that shark scared the hell out of me. I genuinely threw my headphones off my head.

I will give it another shot. Hopefully it will work :)

the door stated that I needed an unlocking tool that i was rewarded with for correctly doing the sequences of the event. it was after going downstairs to the right, the left door is open and a dead end with a note that I can't translate. also pressing 1 doesn't do anything for me in the game unfortunately, even with the item in slot 1.

Fun little horror game :). I liked the mixing part. Those parasite move so fast.

Couldn't get past the door as the item wouldn't let me use it. Also pressing tab to use item, freezes in you place. I also had times where pressing esc froze me too in place. I also tried to use the hot key function as digit 1 and that also didn't work as well. Hoping to play this game soon

A few bugs here and there, but overall a great edition of the original. :)

Of course :). Looking forward to enjoying it when I can

Hey I appreciate the fast reply. I will have to play it when I can on keyboard when available. I don't have an xbox controller.

The person just continually spins around before entering the diner. I also couldn't use my mouse or keyboard at all either

I loved this. Who wanted to pay 10$ to turn everything into meat. Great adaptation on the movie. Really funny and great horror game.

Can't wait for the full release :).

The blue path is also creepy haha, good job on your game :)

This game was so creepy. I loved it :). Thank you for making it. From the voice acting to the music. Children just need to go home when asked haha

Probably one of my favorite games, that you guys have made. Fill that hole with more meat haha.