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Wait a minute what about the shark tooth cove found and put under his bed it say remember to ask him sometime but it never comes up again

Lol i still find it funny that one of my favourite games is getting a series now and i cant wait your work is amazing your made me laugh and cry and cove is awesome and cant wait for you to put it up on google play store and next nintendo switch or PlayStation or xbox the sky is the limit with this game hope all the best for your future you guy rock

This game sounds long and fun can't wait the first one was awesome now this sounds awesome

it just won't start I load and it don't work then I start a new game then the app close on me I think the auto save is what the problem is on Android 11 coz the game worked fine before that plz can you have a look and try to fix coz your game is awesome nothing but love for your team 

I'm using the unvoiced version and the game crashing from the start it won't let me do anything it just close the game from the very start I think it's the auto save feature that's doing coz before that it was fine I hope this was helpful coz you guys have made one hell of game I'm a big fan 

I'm on Android 11 and the game keeps crashing and closing on me I can't play the game at all plz fix I so won't to know what happens 馃槶馃槶

Lots of bugs 

The game is very slow and keeps crashing on Android 11 there are a lot of bugs that the game is unplayable from the start I've tried it all nothing worked plz fix coz I love this game and your work I've even payed for the dlc as well 

I'm having the same problem nothing works hope they fix soon

I just got the new update and the game keeps closing on me I'm very upset it's my favourite game plz fix I'm on Android 11 

Yeah I kinda figured that but still the story is really good the art work is all your doing you put love in this game and that's all I look for I'll check out the patreons page coz I just can't wait to see more of your work 

Dude this game is totally awesome demo made no sense but after playing the full game it made totally sense I think it's better then yags hope you do an Adam version next that be insane by the there was not enough star's to give you for this game so 10/10 million star's keep up the awesome work

Ok I played this game and it's so dark but a good kind of dark hope to see more of this game and anything you do in the future as well your work has a lot heart  and love in it that I keep playing it over and over again your work is amazing xx

The game has been updated 2 times and still dose not work on my android 11 phone gave up uninstall the game

I kinda waiting for more coz it's kinda short but I like the art keep working on it and make it bigger coz I think this game will be really good coz it's different from other games I've played

I gave up on this game I keep losing everything cg I had to start again but with all the updates I'll definitely give it another another go because the story was really good

I have totally fell in love with this game and all the characters are so good I can't stop playing 

Cool I'll check it out

Omg how much work have you done it look so cool can't wait totally love your work

Ok I've been playing the game and I'm really loving it it's so funny and sweet I don't have a favourite yet  can't wait to see more keep up the good work

I'm in the middle of downloading so far but it looks really good not really in to furry stuff but it looked to good to pass up

Is this a free game or pay for game doesn't really matter I'm 100% getting this game keep up the awesome work

This is such a sweet game I keep playing and finding lots of cool stuff plus I fell in love Shane or all of them never happened before one thing mind the body weight how dose that work I'm all ways to skinny or to fat can't work out how you get buff do you eat normal food then work out ? That food for thought

Can't wait for this game

Ok so I really love this game more then anything just won't you to know keep up the good work plus the cove sporty with tattoos so super cool can't wait for part 4 馃槅馃槅馃槅

Hi on Android 11 the game keeps crashing every 3 seconds can't play the game shame coz I love the game hope you can fix it so I can play the last version