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Fits the theme nicely! I like the idea. Seems like the inspector is hard to please, though XD

Nicely done! Lots of depth to the game; I like the art, too.

Nice idea and like the artwork. It does get a bit manic towards the end, though, with so many hydr4s!

Very neat idea and executed well. You explained the game really well through the first few levels. Like others have said, some simple music would be a great addition.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for playing it and the feedback. I agree about the phrases changing midway through being jarring and that this could be improved. 

Very neat idea which uses the theme well!

my high score was 2439 XD I thought the music and artwork fitted together well. Nice job!

I liked it! Nice atmosphere, controls felt good

Nice take on the theme! Like it a lot

Feels nice to play, like the music. Nice job!

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Thanks! Yes, I should have added more

Feels nice to play, like the music. Nice job!

Neat game and the "game within a game" was done well! Like another person said, i wasn't too sure what I timing the heartbeat to initally.

After reading the comments to understand what to do, I thought it was a fun/silly game! Pretty funny when you have the dog, the cat, the kid all saying stuff to you. And I learnt some Portugese!

Thanks for your feedback, Sander! Glad you thought it was fun. That's a very helpful point about making the early levels easier! 

Thanks Scubadoo2. Yes, music is not my strong point! I agree it could be improved. 

Thanks your feedback Fenchel! Glad you found it a bit addictive!

Thanks BroReNata for your feedback! It's all very helpful

Thanks a lot!

Neat idea!