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And me again!  A suggestion, any chance there could be a winnings structure that changes depending on how much is in the pot?  I sometimes change the proportions if the pot gets bigger, e.g. changing from a 1/2 payout to 1/2/3 with 3 getting their initial stake back.  Is that something that others do?!  Could it be factored in?

Hello again - I'm having problems with the HPTP app on android. It connects to the running tournament, but then disconnects and returns to the tournament lobby after a few seconds.  Can't seem to get it to stay connected.  The game is still there in the lobby list and i can rejoin it, but again get kicked out after a few seconds.  Any ideas or troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks!

Or you could just do whoever is the first to connect gets the buttons. Most likely that'd be the game admin. So it checks how many connected, if none then assign as admin and show the toggles. If one or more then don't show them. Perhaps? 

Could just have an admin pin (4 digit) that if entered unhid the entry buttons on client device? Pin could be set when setting up the game

Lovely program / app.  Any chance the app could be used to add rebuys / players?  Means I could "manage" the game from my phone without having to keep going back to the laptop!