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i’m quite intrigued by the ending..

Thanks ashlit1998!, We really appreciate it!

Also by tails you mean the rope?

thanks, viper161616! the art was made hand drawn digitally to make it look like it came from a 5 year old’s sketchbook intentionally. it was my first time doing hand drawn animation so I did so to save time and to give some charm without adding details

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“As long as family exist in you, You shall arise over and over till you overcome the challenges.”

                                                 A wise man/A family member
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moving is floaty and there’s not a focus button?, i don’t know if not being able to focus is intended but please make movement less floaty and more responsive if possible.

it was pretty addictive to see the different beautifully hand drawn evolutions of this skull race.

there’s a level with no blue block, can’t remember if it’s the 4th or 5th…

saaaaaad :-:.

can i ask if this is a sequel or an upcoming DLC?, or is it just a celebration for celeste?