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I have a question of who are the characters that have a route and how many for each and how many are there altogether.

So I bought the game again form and I can't manage to download it on my S9+. Like after I download it and play and then save my things then later open it, it says error and unable to open. And when I press download there is only one file.

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Another great game from argent games. It has a really good story hooking the readers and always getting them interested for more. It's a free game and for a game that is free like this. It has a really high quality.  I just wished I could've supported you guys when this game was being made. Pretty sure the story would be longer. I applaud you guys and the team members part of this project for working hard and doing quite of a research on the history of it.

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It's so annoying how I didn't know that there was different versions and I bought it on steam. Also I bought the art book and it never loaded. I can't find it anywhere on my steam even though it says I've bought it. Is there anyway to add the r18 version on steam?