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Hey! I was playing the game for a while and I have some feedback for you guys! Gameplay: The zombies when they hit you melee automatically stand behind you in the blind spot of the camera and to be spinning around yourself tidal, is the most common and biggest failure. The weapon animations and hand-to-hand combat is the most polished thing I've seen in the alpha, the jump responds well and ducks too.
Graphics: mixes counter strike and fallout ideas that always attracts, but the environment does not offer feeling of overwhelm or loneliness, the level of the structures is very flat and textures are missing in both buildings and vehicles, the best achieved is nature, and the weapons themselves. Sometimes zombies 3 meters high come out, I assumed they were more difficult enemies to beat but no, it is a graphic bug. It reminds me of a 2008/09 game graphically speaking.
Sound: 3 different styles of music that you have been able to hear (war, Gregorian chant and opera) are intermingled on the game's menus screen, they are heard on top of each other and end up saturating. There is a very suitable piano theme which is what I would leave for the menus. In game you can only hear the weapons and the zombies and in that aspect everything is fine, but there is no tension music or sounds of the background zombies to create the ideal atmosphere.
Honesty: many problems when starting the game and crushea 2 out of 3 times. The idea of tactics and real-time battle is fine, but graphically it needs a lot of polishing to create the overwhelming atmosphere of a zombie survival game.
ps: thanks for the alpha! ^^