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No, I had not played through the game, which makes my point even more valid. It was not helpful to me, as someone interested int he game - and I don't feel it had been helpful to the dev either. Your following comment was actually a lot more helpful, though. At least three other people agree with me. Maybe the 8 people who don't, had already played the game.

I expected a big flaming reactor at the end, but I thoroughly understand it's a jam game. The result looks fantastic. Thank you! Playing Nuclear Blaze was great fun. Honestly, I thought it was going to say "No real ending... Wishlist us now! Available on XX/XX/XX on Steam". This could make a great fully developed game.

After a few tries, I got the good ending. Yay! Very nice!

I've enjoyed this throughly!

The way you express your opinion isn't helpful to the dev nor to possibly interested players. Except for the flashing lights thing.

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Thank you!

Even if you have to release it on a different bundle, please do so.

I would love some characters. I don't sprite myself so it's hard to make the best use out of your assets.