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My head hasn't been in the right place... I ended up first not coming up with a project that felt motivating or easy enough, and then once I had decided on a project, I got busy with other things. So I haven't gotten far on my game. I was going to try finishing a demo version of it today in these last few hours, but now I feel like it's not worth the stress, so I'm deciding not to submit anything before the deadline... but I'll keep working on it and upload it (outside the jam) at a later time. At least I think it'll be a fun game to work on, but I need to do it at my own pace.

Good work to everyone who managed to finish something! I look forward to playing people's games.

I still haven't decided on anything so I'll sit down and doodle for a bit and see what comes out…. I don't really use Discord but thanks for the offer.
Feels good knowing Ryou supports Bubblegum jam

I haven't decided what kind of game I should make yet, so I thought I'd spend the first jam day brainstorming, and aim to have some mockup images and/or concept art done by the end of the day. Once I've decided on my project, I guess I'll either start on the code side of things or on the graphics side of things depending on what seems more important and time-consuming for that project.

Do you guys have a plan for how you're going to work on your projects?

I've used the Blender GE a little bit and I'd say it's so-so, but if you're keeping it very simple you could absolutely use it. I don't think you'd have problems making a one-scene game in it. I wouldn't keep using it if I was trying to make anything bigger, just because I figure it'd be easier and more organised to use Unity in the long run.

Listening to this since I was having a look at the previous Self-Care Jam entries, while deciding whether to sign up for the upcoming one or not. Really nice music! I like everything about it, and your singing voice is nice.

I've been writing songs for a while too but I keep getting frustrated trying to record my voice, so they're all just on paper for now. It makes me feel more confident to hear songs like this, that I think sound great, that have been recorded "casually" too and aren't fancy-studio-perfect. :-) It's the feeling that matters...

Have you thought about making HTML5 games? The gameplay video of Picking Flowers reminded me of the relaxing Orisinal games from way back when ( ). That kind of thing is well suited for web-play, I think, plus HTML5 works across systems easily. But it's just a thought. I hope you can find more players either way :-)

I looked at your game after reading this comment, but I'm on a Mac and can't try it, sorry.

Just a bit of talk out of curiousity. What game engine are you using (if you're using one)? What type of game are you going to make? 

I'm going to make a visual novel / simulation type of game (that's my plan so far, anyway), in the Ren'Py VN engine, since I already know it well. Nothing wrong about learning new things,  I just feel like I'd rather focus on making a story and assets right now than learning about another engine or improving my programming skills much.

Made me laugh, good game.

This was almost perfect, the only thing that feels like it needs improvement is the instant death and far-away respawn of the island levels, and the sea battles to be either shorter or made less monotonous for their length. The graphics, designs and music are fantastic, and I really like the overall combination of the sea travelling and the platformer islands. Could also imagine seeing things float by at sea; possibly pick up items, find secrets, or meet mini-bosses.

It's a little too difficult for me, maybe if the enemies were a little slower. It's well-made though, I just can't even get past the first level. :-P

It was very difficult to learn the timing, but rather fun when I got the hang of it. Nice!

A sweet little game! :-P I liked the mechanics, it mostly just could have used some variety for the levels.

I really like the graphics and it has a nice mood, but it's a little too difficult to understand the possible actions. On my third playthrough I ended up walking around hitting space every couple steps just to see if I could find secret interactions, which is a tad boring to do...

Surprisingly fun, some of the games are a little too difficult to get the hang of with the time limit but overall an interesting challenge :-)

This was really nice, the colours and designs are pleasant to look at and the gameplay is simple but fun.

Cute little game :-) I'd love to see more in this style.

The jump was a tad awkward at times.

The graphics are lovely, and the concept and designs are cute!

There were a few bugs with the dialogue, and a few oddities like how you could have the same conversation several times a day (could have been good to have a generic short sentence to display after each day's individual conversation or something like that).

I really like this game, it has the classic mysterious and lonely feeling, and the graphics look very very nice. I haven't beaten it yet since I'm having a hard time finding the items. :-P

I would have liked for the window size to be a little smaller! I have a relatively low-res computer screen and the game takes up the full height of my screen, some tiny bit cutting outside of my desktop. The "size of the pixels" makes it a little hard to see what's going on at times, but I think that too would probably be better with a smaller window.

It's a really nice game that just needs some fixes and additions to be great! I love all the illustrations! I really liked the fact that you could rebuild/improve villages and would love to see more different engineering options :-) My main difficulty was that I'd have liked the villages to update their locations more frequently, because I went to a lot of villages and the map didn't update most of the time (unless I missed something about this mechanic). You may already have it planned, but it would also be good to have an illustration whenever you reach a map point that someone was supposed to be at. (Just a "they aren't here, you have to keep looking" sort of thing.)

@commodoreKid Yes! I plan to make it a bigger game now after the jam is over. :-) I had a lot of trouble during the first week since it was my first time trying to seriously code a game, but now I've learnt a lot about programming and will be able to rewrite the code much cleaner from scratch, so that it will be easy to work with the code. The game in the form it is now wasn't ever my plan, but it ended up this way since I ran out of time, haha. (Don't worry, nobody I showed the game to was able to keep the plants alive.... only me :-P)

It's cute but very challenging! I got to the eagle after many tries, now I'm giving up (for the moment anyway), lol. The colour pallette switch was very cool! I think the water comes a little too quickly.

This was fun and fairly challenging! I think I lost 4 times before my first win, but I do think it is well-balanced between luck and tactics (for such a short battle). The graphics are nice, especially the "defeat" screen with the little sparks of fire rising from the castle. It would have been nice if there was a "try again" option at the ending screen that restarted it, though. :-)

It has a classic feeling and great atmosphere, with nice art and fitting sounds. The text is hard to read in many places though, and I would have preferred word-wrapping in the text box to wrap entire words instead of individual letters. But the game itself is really nice! (I had to retype my comment because my Internet died when I posted it the first time, so sorry if this shows up twice....)

It's a cute and simple idea, and the graphics are pleasant and easy to understand despite the tiny size. :-) It looks a bit like embroidery somehow. The night-time house with the light shining from the windows is really cute!

I think the controls are a tad difficult -- especially the ones involving the mouse scroll wheel, since my touchpad makes that very difficult to control. It's also a little hard to remember which key/click does what.

It's a fun and very pretty game with well-made graphics and a nice little world to explore! It took me 3 tries to beat the final encounter because I kept losing health from being careless, lol. It was fun though, and it's definitely an impressive game considering the limitations!

I love it! It's a great piece of game design for the tiny format, in that the small resolution doesn't make it feel limited. Personally I really enjoy the graphical style and pallette, and the music is nice and fitting :-)

To me the challenge was making a game whatsoever. I've never finished a game except for a couple small joke games (of the type that you make for your friends, and the games take 5 seconds to play). I had to learn how to use GameMaker during the jam, and I had to learn to write GML scripts in order to make the game I wanted. Even though my game ended up a fairly lame demo version, I'm very happy that I have anything at all, and I didn't give up! :-) I feel like I learned a lot about programming, and I will keep working to make a full version of my game.

I made it to the wizard now (though I died a loooot before I got that far haha), but the wizard killed me in two hits, so I give up for now. Yeah, the ogres and golems and I believe it was the vampire, those three were very hard (and the wizard is probably too hard as well). Some of the other 2-3 level monsters were difficult but not 99% impossible.

I had full dexterity, so I was surprised I couldn't escape...

It's allright, it's still a very nice game even with some small problems. I will definitely play again after it gets updated :-D

I've been playing for 1 to 1.5 hour or so, and I'm having massive trouble with the ogres! They kill me every time and I "cannot escape". I've tried using the shield and everything. Either I'm missing something, or the ogres could stand to be a wee bit easier... (it's fun to play though :-P)

Allright, I'll play around in my midi program later today when I take a break from scripting and see what I can do! It's relaxing to compose for me so it's not a problem. But if I don't end up with any nice sounds, yeah, it's good that you have a back-up plan as well, haha. I'll let you know on Twitter when I have something (earliest late tonight, otherwise over the next 2 days).

I can make some short music for your game if you're fine with midi-based tunes (either simulating 8-bit sounds or regular midi/Garageband instruments). There's a few samples on my Soundcloud (not necessarily my favourite compositions, but I haven't taken the time to upload much over there yet):

Let me know if you want me to, and if so just tell me what sort of tune you want :-)

Looks nice! The horse is cute. :-)

Hehe, that's a great idea.

I initially thought about doing this too, when I was looking at an engine that wouldn't allow me to resize the window properly, so I would have needed to leave a border around the 64px anyway. (The same Pokémon borders came to mind :-P They're cute!) I suppose as long as it doesn't have anything to do with gameplay (and since you're working with HTML5, you don't even need to keep the borders in your game's code, just on their page's code as any other webdesign element) it should be alright. That's what I'd think, anyway...

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Here's the last (?) room art for my game (there's also one I'm not sharing pics of so there'll be something left to find out), the only art left now is for the intro screen and some small sprite things. Made a lot of scripting progress earlier in the day but then I got stuck and focused on other stuff for the rest. Hopefully I'll at least have a mildly functional game by the end. Going to look for more tutorials on similar scripts.

Great! I don't need it for this jam but I did want to try making a HTML5 game sometime, so thanks for the info.

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I'm struggling along with the code, at least I made a little progress with it. I expanded the first room a bit. Only two background arts left to draw now.

OK! Good, thanks!

Oh, really? That's odd. Thanks for the info, hopefully I can get my text boxes working today then! :-)