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Fun little platformer.  Very well done.  I love all the spritework.  The colors pop, it's very vibrant, the characters are cute, and the music fits the tone well.  Everything about the game makes me feel warm and good.

I noticed a couple of issues, but nothing major:

  • no sound effects for picking up coins or stomping on baddies
  • you can fall right off the left side of the world
  • I sometimes flew upward after jumping on enemies, sometimes not so much, it was a little unpredictable
  • I could not get past the cabbage over the spikes - over and over he killed me!
  • pressing the jump key seems to make you jump a constant height, regardless of how long you hold it (I think that's why I got stuck on the cabbage)

All of these issues I think can be ironed out with relative ease, and are to be expected in a jam with tight time constraints.

I think the concept shows a ton of potential.  The art is fantastic, and it's very well executed.

This game makes me happy.  I hope you keep working on it and I look forward to playing the full version!

The game crashed for me once but I beat it the second time though.

It's a bit buggy and I was able to skip almost every puzzle just by jumping over the obstacles.  Jumping in general seems too powerful and needs to be nerfed, I think.

You have a lot of unique art assets here, you clearly put in a lot of effort.  It looks nice.

I really do like the idea of changing the world by changing elements.  It reminds me of some classic games like Chrono Trigger - changing the past - or A Link to the Past - moving between the light and dark world.

The puzzles are all "pick 1 of 4 elements, and 1 of them will work."  This means that even without the jump-cheat, you can brute-force all the puzzles in a few seconds.  I feel like all it needs to clinch the puzzle mechanic into something challenging is some interaction between the 4 worlds.  A puzzle where a change in one elemental plane affects another.

A minor nitpick is there are a lot of interruptions to the flow of gameplay.  Each tutorial/hint sign rips control away from the player and each element change requires switching screens.  I hope you can streamline this more in the finished game.

You got an impressive amount done in the span of this challenge and I hope to see you develop this idea further.  Good job!

Well done.  The game looks great and plays great, and the idea is interesting.  I really like the addition of the asteroids.

I do think there needs to be some indication when a puzzle is complete.  The first few levels I solved, and thought there was something left to do because I could still play and there was no ding or sign that the level was complete except the fade out - which I misinterpreted as failure.

That's really all I can think to criticize, and it's a bit nitpicky.

I also wanted to do something with constellations but I couldn't make it work mechanically and eventually scrapped that idea.  I'm glad to see someone figured it out.

Great job.

Disclosure: All of the music, sound effects, and voiceovers were assets purchased on the Unity asset store.  All graphical assets, aside from the Unity Standard Assets, were made expressly for this jam.

This is the best game I've seen from this jam so far.