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Oh god there is, this is gonna be fun :3

wow that was really fun! I got all stars but that message implies that there's more, is there really? 

Congrats on making such a wonderful game! Its beautiful, charming, and has a wonderful soundtrack! It has great difficulty and interesting mechanics that never feel like too much or too little. I can't wait for the Steam release because I will definitely be buying this! 

Also I perfected every level and will be doing so on the full game >:3 

that was a pretty cool idea and used really well, nice job mate!

that was fun, nice job!

Ok that was really good and challenging, keep up the good work!

Fun game man, nice job
p.s I found your holy grail :)

This was a really fun demo! I will definitely be playing the full game, keep up the good work! 

really fun and the speedrunning is great, im going for sub 2:00

This was actually a fun little game. Also I found the secret cave with the writing, is there more to the secret or is that it?

This ended up being actually pretty fun and really cute

this was actually a really cool game, I actually died on the post game section sadly but I got back and beat it again. It was worth it

as I was writing this the red went away, wtf

I love this game so much. I also somehow got the game to turn red, is this intentional? 

I just beat the game and I love this so much. This is probably one of my favorite games on this site

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I played this awhile ago and im glad to see the 5th level is out now, I beat it and got the bad ending. How do you get the others?


truly the coolest bird

That was actually really good and I jumped each time the bear appeared. Well done on making such a simple and unsettling game!  

I love this game, its so cute and funny. 10/10

After just under 40min I beat the game. This was so fun and different, keep up the good work!

Great game! Minesweeper for the Big Brains

this game was actually pretty fun and i'm glad i found this! i beat the game in 17min and 28 deaths. btw what are the pin wheels for i found 4?

Level 5 by the blue keycard, also i beat the rest of the game on Ultra-Violence. Thank you for making a new entry to my favorite franchise. 

Been trying to beat the whole game on Ultra-Violence and got to level 5 and got this thing. What is it?

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Awesome mod I beat it with all berries and then tried gemskip but only got so far 

This was a very fun game, I can't wait for updates. (Also I found the secret level in "The End")

I found this game, and i'm so happy I did! This game was an awesome puzzle and I can't wait for The Bunny Graveyard!  

This game was really fun and addicting! Keep up the good work! 

Fez is one of the best games I ever played and I love to see that somebody made a demake that is just as fun as the original!  

What a great and difficult mod, wish there were more mods like this! (how many strawberrys were there?)

An awesome game, keep up the good work! 

Thank you for making such a amazing game, this is one of my favorite platformer  games of all time, keep up the good work! :)

after a week of nonstop playing, it's all over