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thanks for the advertisement!

I just registered to twitter. I'm following you now you can message me

thanks for your donation

Already done. A whdload slave is included in the .adf file

that's very useful already! Maybe I'll ask to upload a savestate just before the fruit berzerk happens. Otherwise it's interesting enough because some real amiga setup could match this config and fail.

ah this damn berzerk fruit bug! can you tell me which configuration are you using for the emulation? (cpu, memory...). Great if it works on A500. There is another bug that I have to fix anyway. thanks for the video


I posted a new version. I tested that version with my A500 and it was okay. Can you test again?

If you can post a video somewhere I'd be interested. I have witnessed tearing on "junior" act on slow CPUs (emulation) but the game played fine.

tearing with both mrs and mr pacman at the top? I fixed that in the meantime

about your requests:

1) Ability to skip cut scenes using the pause button. => just press ESC

2) it would just be a matter of 10000/15000 points for extra life, starting

3) could be done, but configurable keys is too annoying to code

the thread:

I've started Amidar, and am contemplating Scramble

I'm sorry to hear that you have issues. I have tested it a lot with various configs and no issues. I suggest to reach out at EAB at post screenshots of the corruptions for instance. And maybe a video for the speed?

The fruit should be 2x slower than pacman. And after a while the game IS fast.

What to do next? I don't know. Perfect arcade ports are difficult. I'd go for Amidar or Phoenix, or Time Pilot.

This is PAL only because it requires all the height. Remember this is originally a portrait game.

2 player mode could be done but that adds some extra complexity (start 1 or 2 player mode, reworking scores/levels). There are really a few / none amiga games (including arcade ports) that support this alternative 2 player mode.

just copy "pacman" on your hard drive. There's also a whdload slave so no need to degrade display/vbr/etc.

Updated with bugfixes as zipped .adf

great remake, super-accurate, and very original too.

Small note: did you notice that ghosts tend to reveal where they're going long before they turn in the original game by looking in the next direction one or 2 tiles before ? your remake doesn't retain that feature.

I had written a remake in 2010. That one is soo great because of all the custom levels & scrolling. Also seems 1:1 in terms of gameplay. Very well done.

excellent remake. Microcosm meets Gyruss... Gyruss music is just perfect too.