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No need to apologize: I planned to add text with the instructions to play, but the time was not enough.

It may be necessary to use a recent version of McCLIM, try updating the distribution of quicklisp.

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Did you press the 'n' key? That begins the game.

  > error opening #P"/home/borodust/quicklisp/local-projects/./pics/manos.png":
  >  No such file or directory

That means that you don't change the directory to /home/borodust/quicklisp/local-projects/mc-wolf3d before load the game.

I you are using the code, change the directory to mc-wolf3d/ before load the system.

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Yes, it has some strange problems that I have not managed to reproduce and fix.  If you are using stumpwm, run the game in a floating group.

What variable?   After your comment I tried the code and the executable without problem.