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thanks aden! the random ones are my favourite to draw >:3

So enjoyable to have a lil explore and cause mischief! I especially liked entering the pond, super cute!!

Great art, quick to get the hang of, intuituive level design makes it easy to know where to head and what the goal is, and the sounds are ACE!
Well done team, this is really impressive!

Really addictive little game! Art is really nice and clean, and it's really satsifying how the roads adapt as you place more pieces!
From what I could tell theres no sound, which is a shame, might have made interactions a bit more 'juicy'.

Gameplay is short and sweet, and is easy to understand and get the swing of. 

It suits the theme of untouchable well, although in playing the game for 10 minutes it didn't feel like there were many times I had to adjust routes to avoid a collision, but I'm sure there would be more instances of this if I played for longer.

Good job team!! Really polished game, be proud!

Thanks Aden!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

ty bb  xox

And yeah, the transition is just in the latest bitsy, super fun to play around with!!

Aw thankyou!!

This is so sweet! I feel so calm and happy after playing :3