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I literally made an account just so I could talk about this game. I've spent about a couple hours on the game and I know I could easily spend a day or more. The core mechanics are great. Everything feels really tight, but also really open-ended. The core concepts that make the game special such as main-classes and sub-classes are pretty easy to understand and utilize effectively even as a novice player. The plethora of options available from classes to abilities and beyond gives Alvora Tactics a ton of depth and replay value. Admittedly it's bit buggy at times, for instance the over-world map completely fell to bottom corner of the window and then the game crashed. Regardless, it's still a pretty fantastic piece of work for a project completed completely solo and I'm sure you're still working out the kinks.

I haven't played your previous game Voidspire Tactics, but if it's anything like this I might have to after finishing this. This game's unique blend of exploration and tactical combat work together smoothly. The meta for the game is balanced and unique and is even complimented by world-building elements like race and environment. I really hope to see you create more games like this in the future within this same universe.

If, in the future, you're ever in need of an illustrator for character portraits or anything, feel free to reach out to me.