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ty for explaining that, I look forward to trying out your next game :)

I tried playing this and it seems like it could be a decent twin stick shooter but I think something was wrong with reloading; I kept picking up ammo boxes and it wasn't working so I'd constantly run out of ammo. After running out of ammo 'reload' would flash along the bottom half of the screen and I tried a few of the buttons and couldn't reload.

Overall it seemed like a complete experience but I was unfortunately unable to play past the first few screens. Even as a student project, janky things aside, the core twin stick shooting felt good when tons of enemies grouped up. I liked what I got to play 

I love tank controls. And I love this type of game - dawn breaks and survived the night 

wonderful game, looks good and plays well!

I hope to finish this soon. I'm happy to see this comment :) Glad you enjoyed it!

I liked this, it was pretty fun - the intro area was pretty cool too.

I also noticed that if you maximize the game window the ui gets a bit messed up :P

Hopefully you can turn this into a full game or build upon this, the gameplay & art style are pretty good

so many goblin coins 

animated text is great , good game :)

just like that game wattam :)

burger time all night