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Joshua Bidwell

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What a taunting game. When I (thought) I figured it out, I realised it was gonna be very difficult and I don't have the time or brain power but I'll come back to this! >< Thanks so much

Yeeeessss, love to see people using itch dev logs :D

Very much looking forward to your future work too Sey ;)

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Looks and sounds beautiful with consistent style. 

I had an issue with tiling probably due to auto-fullscreening to my ultrawide aspect monitor.  I suggest allowing launcher and locking allowed aspects to the stuff you worked with in Unity editor.

Took me a while to realise I had to press right to run and that I could fire and so I struggled a bit haha, not sure if that's what you're going for or if you had hoped everyone had played Mood Patrol.  I know it's easy to forget that stuff on those super-short projects.

My only real gripe is with the itch page: I would like to see credits for the audio and font authors and not just the website that you accessed them.

Would love to play more when I have time because the art style is so creepy and intriguing. I just imagine a boss battle or something popping up under the right conditions, Lylat Wars-style.  <3

What do you think of the idea of a completionist exploration version of this game?  Imagine the world starts grey and you can light everything up in free roam.

Thanks. I will be changing the design goals a little on account of life stuff over the last year but yeah I like it, it's personal, plus there is certainly a demand for horror(ish) games on itch ;)

Thanks for the suggestions but if I was going to do anything to this little thing, I would be adding more narrative through level design. Regards, Joshua

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So beautiful and I love the idea and elegant implementation of the track layering. I seem to have a problem with bloom on the web version, it's so strong that it inverts the colours! Unfortunately the webGL full screen mode didn't stretch to fit my screen. Pleeeeease look into this, I would love the full experience. 

Thank you very much for your comment!

Thanks mate, yeah it is quite chill and yeah I think some of that 'natural feel' comes from the use of traditional materials. It was ink outline on watercolours by the way, I just cut the insides of the ink with magic wand. A really good project to work on with kids who want to see their drawings turned to life!

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Really cool look, warped my perspective immensely - what an effect! Just FYI, the vertical quad behind the player is bouncing, not sure if that's on purpose. Also, loved the about sections in-game. I'd post screenshots here but itch image uploads aren't working for me right now for some reason.

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<3<3<3 I lasted 0.69 seconds <3<3<3 This is what studio 2 is all about Tiger, awesome game. The button feels great btw

The colour theme has captured the different stages of life wonderfully. Would give 5 stars if the aspect ratios were fixed, playing in fullscreen on my ultra wide means I don't see above and below the canvases, alternatively give y axis control. Cheers

Needs screenshots etc. but an interesting and strangely familiar and comfortable experience in the end.

Thanks bro!

Love the final aesthetic. Very arty/artsy(?) :D

Next minute Ruby has a sweet job working for a telecom company :D

Thank you Zac, 10 times better than scrolling through facebook on a good day

Windowed mode is a must. An interesting choice there changing the capsules to raindrops, I'm imagining a bucket filling up

Thank you for this, I found myself talking out loud and it was kind of relieving. I'm very interested in Deathfest now and I can't believe I haven't heard of it before. 
I liked that Death doesn't have any colour or texture but can't help but wonder; if she had an idle animation, would the effect be greater?

I needed this. It slowed me down for sure.

Thank you, me too!

What Ruby said, very creepy and I never say that. Changing that text as you clicked the hyperlinks for the character's thoughts was intense. Very inspiring. Thanks Erika.

How difficult would it be to build this for android?

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