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Joshua Wuan

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Really cool game. It was nice to see a 3D game be submitted. The ending wasn't too clear, however it did sum the game up. Really cool graphics and very nice experience!

Really cool! I love the idea of switching between the colors to see what was invisible. It added the right amount of difficulty to the game, which kept it exciting. By giving the player an option to chose the difficulty, it also kept the game exciting! The cool down on the switch can be annoying at times, though it was probably necessary to have kept the game balanced. Good work!

Really cool! The game stuck with the theme of black and white, and by using light as your life, it really showed that you understood the theme. The starting screen really  set the eerie atmosphere for the rest of the game. I enjoyed the 12 levels, and believe that would be enough considering the difficulty of the game, however the placement of enemies could be done a lot better. As seen in level 10,  it seemed pretty impossible to do legitimately. Some more UI elements should have been used to tell the player on their whereabouts in the game, and maybe the time that has been played. Except for those the game was great!