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for single objects, you can set the Flow slider all the way to the left. Then, when you get the object you want, you can use the position tool to get exactly what you need where you want it.

he's posted a gif of some town generation as to your #2

well, the dev did mention he wanted to add city/building gen. so some unnatural grass might be useful

great, thank you.

First of all, love the program so far...well worth $11 and definitely more.

You mentioned in your update post you were working on bigger landscapes, I'm excited for that. With that in mind, greater tiling or higher-resolution  terrain textures would be great. Additionally, the initial scaling of randomly generated scenes could just be smaller overall. I'm also excited to see the grid tool in the works.

The star-filled skybox is fairly low-resolution, an HD texture would be great. 

When stretching rocks, it would be cool if you could make it so they tile past a certain size so that the texture isn't just stretched.

Numerical input for the menu sliders would be good for fine-tuning.

[BUG] The reflection of the sun/moon on water doesn't line up with the sun/moon's direction on many of the direction positions.

Add a slider for lens flare or tie that to the Sun Shafts slider.

[BUG] creating a new map often causes the Flowscape logo to appear on screen

A command for clear all plants/clear all rocks

stormy skyboxes- you mentioned rain sometimes but I've not a clue how to turn that on.

Mountainous terrain presets

thanks for reading. keep up the good work