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Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I'll take a look at those right now.
Shouldn't be too difficult to get the screen walk off bug fixed, but I'm not entirely sure whats going on during the boss fight!

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All future updates/patches will be posted to this thread. Please reach out to me if you're unable to run the game or discover any bugs! Thanks!

v0.94 Changelog - 10/19/2016

- Added basic death animations and sound effects for each enemy
- Added a new player hit sound effect
- Removed old spread and double shot sound effect

v0.93 Changelog - 10/17/2016

- Enemies are now only drawn if they are on screen, fixed a small frame rate dip after respawning/reaching a new checkpoint
- Added 5 new upgrades: Refill HP, Increased Shoot Distance, Increased Fire Rate, Double Shot, and Spread Shot
- Crates can now be found throughout the level containing the newly added upgrades
- Doubled all enemy HP in order help balance the latest upgrades/other minor balance changes

v0.92 Changelog

- Changed some floor tiles in some sections where it was difficult to see the player/enemy bullets
- Rearranged some enemy spawn positions
- Added muzzle flash to all bullet animations
- Added Crates that can be destroyed, upgrades will be hidden inside each crate in a future release
- Prepared enemies to have death animations in a future build
- Removed some palettes that were only displaying 2-3 colors instead of all 4
- Increased the size of the health bar displayed on screen

v0.91 Changelog

- Added longer enemy/player hit blink
- Bullets now explode on impact to help show that an object has been hit
- There is now a "Congrats you win!" screen after defeating the final boss
- Made a small change to the player walk cycle

Get Out is a short level-based platformer! I didn't think I would actually make it to the end, at a glance the game looks pretty tough! The objective of each level is to make it to the portal which leads the player to the next level. Anything that is red will instantly kill the player and force them to restart. The first few levels can be pretty tough because the enemies are just constantly running at you, but with some well timed jumps you can get by them pretty quick. Eventually you're given 3 health points that decrease whenever you touch something red/an enemy! Once all you HP is gone you're sent back 1 whole level. This game was really satisfying to play through because it clearly had a big focus on level design and each level felt like a continuation of the last! Overall very fun game, I only wish there player was a bit smaller height-wise and there were more enemies! Good job, 135hussein!

Here's my game, Lunar Lich: