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So, I gotta say, I agree with most people's opinion here. I really hope you guys go back to the original one. The characters look irritating as hell, and I have no idea what's going on. And since the art style really isn't my taste, there is little reason for me to keep going. Here's hoping we'll get an upgrade for the true game soon

Still weird that there are gallery pictures missing

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Heya, dear devs. I just completed the game, got all the achievements, but I'm still missing several pictures in the gallery. What did I miss?

9th page: 5th picture

16th page: 6th picture

18th page: 4th picture

19th page: 6th picture

Please help. I really like this game despite the -not as satisfying as I hoped- end (it's still pretty neat) and I'd really like to have the gallery complete. Any help you can give would be appreciated

Playing on PS4 btw. Also I heard something about a DLC?

Tailbound community · Created a new topic Slimes

How the EFFING F am I supposed to kill these things.  Also, I can`t find the secret room in the convention center and I`m missing a key for 2 doors there as well.  ANY help at all is appreciated. Cuz I`m about to go mad

Good to know and thanks for the quick reply. Keep up the good work👍

Great work so far and can't wait for future updates. Will days 9-11 be free though or only if you pay the 5$?


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Yellooo. Little question. Do the prices of the versions switch backwards with every new update? Also, is the event imited time? And if I buy the latest version, do I have to rebuy it upon upgrade? Thanks in advance

Dear Devs. I downloaded the android version and I can't save my game. Any way to correct this?

I read in a guide somewhere that there are actually bad endings in this game? And if yes, how do I trigger them? Simply giving the wrong answers?

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Just finished this absolutely brilliant gem of a game and I have to say it is the best I have recently played. Everything about it is just so damn good. 

I'm not gonna give a review cuz I'd only repeat what others have already said but there are still some things I can add. 

Writing: I don't mean the script or so but the actual way dialogues are written. It takes a talent to paint a picture or an entire scene with just words. But the game does it exquisitely. I'll go with a for me prominent example: the sexscriptions. I've read a lot of VN and stories with lewd content but most fail at something crucial. Vividness. Most VN rely on graphic pictures to convey the scene. But this game doesn't need something like that at all. It perfectly describes and captures those intimate moments without visual support. I could really visualize what happened just on the words written. Marvelous, simply marvelous. They have just the right amount of vividness to not leave much the imagination without being overly graphic, balancing perfectly on a fine line. 

Additionally I also like how the routes are (at least imo) split in two: August and Julian's routes seem to put a bit more focus on Desire, rather than love in the true sense. Meanwhile Liam and Maddy seem a lot more focused on the emotional parts. Of course that might be just my imagination but if I'm correct, then that's great. If not, it's still great haha. 

There is just one teensy tiny point of critique I have to mention. In August's epilogue, when Erica joins him on the table, that seemed slightly off. It's obvious that she changed along the route and became more like August. But jumping on a table seems still a very Not-Erika thing to do. Not sure if it was intended but thought to point it put nonetheless

And lastly (this is less critique and more personal wish) I'd have LOVED to see a scene with Julian and Erika like in the title. The way they hold each other while he tenderly approaches her neck, could've been such an erotic scene to build in. It seems so sensual. Keeps the imagination wild with ideas of what might happen afterwards ;) 

This was a lot more than intended to write but it goes to show how much this game has impressed me. Good job and I'll keep my eyes peeled for future works *thumbs up*

P. S. While I'm at it, I read you don't have a sequel planned, but will there be more works around that universe? I mean there are so many mysteries and visions that could be further explored. What actually WAS that shadow on the road? What happens outside the towers? Why did we find the bible on the 17th floor? And who was the cloaked man in Erika's dream? I have so many questions that need ANSWERS to. I feel like August losing his mind when he can't figure out what is wrong with the world, haha. Please tell me, you plan to explore more around Bataille? Or are all of those things left to personal interpretation? Or did I simply miss the exact answers in the game? 

Man this'll bother me for a while *sigh*

Anyway still thank for bringing this into the world

P. P. S. I didn't expect the perma decision to actually be permant permanent. Do I start a completely new game to pick differently?