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"for poor keyboards", thanks!! :D

"Reduced keyboards should be forbidden by law anyway :D"

:D :D :D

Nice game, thanks!!!

"Use numpad cursor keys and numpad-insert as fire button" are not available in reduced or laptop keboards ;)

Thank you very much for your response!

Very, very good game, congratulations!

We (from the forum) have a doubt... How do you make the jellyfish behind the background?

If the jellyfish are chars and the background is chars, how do you avoid the colour clash?

I agree!

You need assign this: HOLD FIRE BUTTON AND RELEASE: Activate special power

To the second button!!

Thanks for the info! I didn't know him.

Very interesting!

Wow! what tools are you using to create this game??

I like the idea!!! i need it spanish version :)

Felicidades Darro!!

Wow! i like it!!

Cover by sirdrak!!


¡Genial, gracias por responder!

En las herramientas veo que has usado CC65, ¿el juego está hecho con C o ensamblador?

I love this game, congrats!!!!

¡Me encanta!

Muy buena pinta, ¡felicitaciones!

Oiga, que esto puede sentar un mal precedente! :P

Yes, Tenebra Macabre from Mojon Twins/Majikeyric!

JuanjeJuega entrevista a los creadores

Saberman video

Te faltó poner el archivo para descargar, mientras tanto:

Muy buen juego!!!

I love it!!!!! Go on with the full game :)

I like it!!!

I really like this game and even more I like being able to play it directly on the C64!


Yes :D :D

I love it the another game of anti radiation armour.

The sinverism was here!

The poster has a VF-1 Valkyria :P

Good game!!! Good work!!

I like it :)


I love it!

I love rhis game!!

Is this version is the same of previous Deluxe version?

*The manual link go to 404.


¡El Rey ha vuelto!
¡Ahora traicionando en completo monocromo!