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I love where your head is at on this! I did my own take on the Brawler, but I'm very intrigued in combining the concepts at my home table! Good work!

Incredible, short game. Has enough "mechanics" to engage more traditional players, but works well as a gateway into more FKR styled play. Really excited to make my own 'brew of the rules.

Hey! I love this supplement, and I'm thinking of running a campaign with my group through it soon! One issue I ran into was the table for carousing - it was a little confusing when to use the 1d6+1 versus 2d6, and the actual carousing table said a d12 as well. Just thought I'd make you aware! It's an awesome bit of work you've done here, and I can't wait! It's added a lot of longevity to my idea of a Cairn campaign.

This looks great! Love it!

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Love how usable this is!

DURF Jam community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Hey everyone! It's been a great first day, with nearly 20 folks signing up to participate, and I'm sure everyone is raring to go! If you'd like to talk, and introduce yourself, and aren't much of a Discord user, let's make this the place to do that, and if you've got an idea of what you're thinking for the Jam, you can talk about that too!

I'm Joseph - this is my first jam, as either a host or participant. My biggest strength is probably a commitment to detail and clarity, but I'm pretty bad at layout, and that's something I want to practice. I'm planning on having a few entries: an archetype system to serve as a "light" class suggestion for players who like that sort of thing, and then something else involving heritage with dwarves, elves, gnomes, that sort of thing, and then lastly, I'd like to put together a primer on diagetic classes in DURF, and what those might look like over top of my archetypes!

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the hits keep coming this week!

Perfect, thanks!

Hey! Just finished browsing Durf 2.0, and I appreciate pretty much all of the changes, and think it's great! I was a little confused about something in the critical hit section - Creatures who are the target of a ranged attack cannot score a critical hit. As I read it, it just means someone who is being aimed at by a ranged attacker cannot crit - am I interpreting that correctly? It seems straightforward enough but I wanted to double-check, hahaha.

I also wanted to check and clarify that a defender could not crit in an exchange, but wasn't sure there either! 

Really evocative, love all of the art, and this is an exceptional game that does a lot of stuff right!

I'm inspired to work on something similar - Wallet Wilderness or Wallet Social. I use this tool a lot for solo play, and I think both of these could be good expansions of your original incredible idea!

I like the simplicity in design of these - a lot of tiles use gradient color schemes which I find difficult to navigate and still make my hexes feel sufficiently shuffled, but these are better for me!