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Hank and Rebecca share a route on day 2. There isn’t any day 3 content for Hank yet. But he is a love interest and will get content in time!

You can press Escape or Tab to open up the phone menu. Click on the Save Icon to bring up the save menu!

1. Download the file on this page marked for Windows. Currently, it's named, but that might change in future versions.

2. After downloading, find the downloaded .zip file, and move that .zip file to wherever you want the game to be stored.

3. Once the .zip is located where you want it to be, you can "Right Click -> Extract All..." to extract the contents of the .zip file. A prompt will appear, but you can just press "Extract" to continue.

4. When extraction is completed, there will be a new folder in the same location as the .zip. Inside of that folder, you can run Under The Bridge.exe to start up the game!

These steps should be good for Windows 10. I hope this helps!

The Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux versions of the game hosted on the page are all up to date with the latest content, and will be receiving updates for the foreseeable future! Those are gonna be your best bets.

Saves should carry over from old saves into new ones automatically if you’re playing on the same device. 

That said, some new builds dont support old save versions. Build 7 is compatible with saves from build 5 and 6, but not from before then if I recall correctly. 

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Unfortunately, I am unable to update the iOS edition of the app.

You can read more about that here:

Correct!! The game is in progress, but all six main characters will be romanceable. 

Yes, she is one of the romance options in the game!

Check the option in .sh file as “Allow this file to run as a program”, and then run it! Alternatively, you can run it through the Itchio Launcher app.

(I’m not a Linux user, I got these instructions from a friend :U )

Its a mystery! I have a poll after each build where Patrons can vote on who’s route gets done next. So cross your fingers!!

My suggestion: Make new saves frequently. Whenever you think you're going to branch off into a new route, make a new save there and go back to the other one whenever you want to see what other decision would have led to.

I'm also bumping up the skip-text speed in this new build, so hopefully playing through the intro shouldn't take as long!

If it were in my power to add it to the soundtrack, I absolutely would!


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Yes! The iOS version of the game is no longer being updated or supported, so please refer others to enjoy the versions of UtB on the store!

You can access Clyde’s second day content by leaving Rebecca’s shop and going north!

Not one person anymore! Build 5 could not have been possible without the help of the newest team member, Boroco!

I do not sleep!


Glad you enjoy it so far!! It is indeed SFW and going to stay that way.


Glad you enjoyed it! The iOS stuff is unfortunate, but I'm glad you found your way to enjoy the rest of the game!

Aww glad you enjoy it! The iOS situation is pretty unfortunate, but there's not much I can do about it sadly. Glad to see you're still finding a way to enjoy the game though!


I'm going to look into optimizing the game, but sadly, I think that your device might not have enough RAM to run Under the Bridge consistently.

I'll include a Low-Graphics options in future mobile builds which *may* help your situation, though I can't be certain. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm hoping this feature will be what you need.

She is indeed a romance option! But this route doesn't add any new Rebecca content. You'll have to wait for future updates to see more of her content.

Can you tell me more about your device (model, android version)? Does it crash around the same time each time? Is this during dialogue or during the overworld?

Visit Under the Bridge here:

When you're there, you should see text around halfway down the page that reads Download, followed by an entry for Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Click the "Download" button that corresponds with your target device (Windows, Android, or Mac).

Cherry is indeed an option for romance, and I'm currently working on getting her and Bonnie's day 2 content out! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Hank is indeed a love interest!! You’ll just need to stick around and wait to see more of his content get unlocked ;)

And just to confirm, you are running UtB_v0.2.2-hotfix1.apk, right? The hotfix solves a similar issue, though if you played before the hotfix, then the issue might carry over still.

Can you reach out to @JosephOPossum on Twitter or email I'd love to get more details so I can help you out further.

Can you tell me more about your device? What version Android are you running, and what's the model of your device?

Glad I could help, and I hope you enjoy the game!!

Hey, I just pushed out a hotfix that might solve your issue. There was a memory leak when opening the save select screen, which was already intensive enough due to the thumbnails. Try getting the new APK I just uploaded.

If you're still seeing issues, try deleting your previous saves (either through in-game or through file management) and trying again.

If that doesn't work, could you reach out to me on Twitter @JosephOPossum or email so we can get to the bottom of this? Thanks for your help and patience!

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Can you post more details about your device? Android version, model, and so on?

When it kicks you out of the game, does the application close, or is it just returning you to a home screen? Does it kick you out around the same time each time?

Oops, there were 3 endings to the party sequence, but they converge back on day 2. I should update the itch page, thanks for pointing that out!!

Yup! The last update was a week ago, and I’m working on getting the next one out!

I'll keep that in mind! Currently, I want to make minigames unlock different dialogue, but not be the deciding factor on whether or not you progress in a route.

That said, I'll look into adding options to skip minigames that have already been played through once, or accessibility options for the games. Thanks for the feedback!


1965 Pontiac Bonneville! Full disclosure, I know very little about cars haha.

And I should clarify, the demo won't be receiving any more updates beyond bug-fixing. Future early builds will be made available through Patreon, though I haven't thought about how to distribute the game once it's finished. I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there.

it’s just me working on this, so I can’t really give a clear estimate. 

That said, all of the game infrastructure is in place now, I just have art and writing and animations to do. So development should go much quicker now! So short answer: likely yes. 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!!