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I'm a massive Slay the Spire addict and was looking to explore more takes on the genre and this is an interesting one.

I think it has the same flaw a lot of game jam or short development time deck builders do where its all about the exploit and less about understanding different kinds of builds and mechanics, but like I'm not gonna hold that against ya'll. For something made as part of a jam, there's some real depth here.

I like the Inscryption style "stack modifiers until your card is broken" element. I really enjoyed my time, and the aspect of having two decks like Griftlands but not both in a combat kinda context was facinating. I honestly think with a more focused concept for different builds and different decks there an entire game not far from here. There is something special here in the way ya'll iterated on the genre and its why I love deck builders.

I was gonna buy the TTRGP for trans rights bundle any way, but as soon as I saw this I HAD to buy the bundle. I'm running a Pathfinder 2e campaign now and these are perfect, I will defiently be putting Grinderbin in my parties main hub town and getting them to purchase some items.

Hey just to let you know, for me atleast the download link isn't working.

Yeah exact same thing happened to me, put down just the right piece and even though I could see the path the game just ended.