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REALLY GOOD GAME, HAVE A HAPPY LIFE, ALSO, WHY IS THIS GAME SO GOOOOOD YOU ASK?, I DUNNO BUT I'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS MASTERPIECE FOR 4 DAYS STRAIGHT (excluding the time i slept because my mom forces me to otherwise no pc for the rest of my life) BUT THE GAME IS GOOOOOD AAAAAAAAA have a nice day

thank you very much may the creator of this concept of reality bless you, etc.

Lmao indeed

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ok first of all frick you, second of all, sorry, third of all, why does the game crash before the loading even finishes? Is it just happening to me for some reason? Bruh why me? My cellphone is a A10 if that helps, anyway everytime i start the game the fisrt time loading goes till the purple flame gets closes to the end and then boom back to my home screen, and it continues like this forever, i can't play the game :(....

Help, i can't see the monster pixel  girl tits if the game doesn't work t-t

Ok so i have a question(3 actually) regarding "living with another main heroine", Is it possible to live with suzuki and ayano at the same time?

Also is there any other real estate events after you buy a new apartment? Because realy that landlord is too thicc to be considered a extra "sample asset"

Oh and regarding the abandoned factory? How do i find it in less than 3 steps?

Useles observation but after playing for some time i got the impression that even if i had 200 rnpcs or half of it, the game would still work like always, wich is like... 3 crashes and 10 minutes of save scumming progression and then another 6 crashes in a row...

Realy it's like the performance doesn't even matter the game will just punch me in the face and stop working even if i do anything against it (wich i don't really know if it works but  it's simply making 60% of the cellphone apps stop working so that i can get more ram power to play the game but in the end nothing actually changed, the crashes continue to be unpredictable and somehow funny everytime i get a nice dialogue moment only to be obliterated by another crash.... Lfmao)

Anywho thank you for reading this, have a good day whoever you may be, cya

If i comment something totally unrelated to the game......

Actually nevermind i just did, anyway have a good day, your game is very lieky :) 👍

;-; spooky description, cool 👍

YEah i am a little scared to play this game specific made for Android...

Guess i am just being paranoid, well when my out of nowhere determination to play this game appears someday i play it, to whoever is  developing this game good luck 🍀 and may  you have a good day 🤝

Oh... cool then, have a great day to u

:v so.... I don't know if yiu know this but, there's a bug for your newer character creation...

Well... Yeah i tried to get to thse stats trough this bug for two days till i learned that you could save at any moment trough touching the screen and pushing it up... If this helps i am using a A10 Samsung... :V... Also the other details and skills can also be all choseen at the same time due to "generate random characteristics button" this is the thing that make me duplicate skills points :v....

Very cool gameplay. Now imma restart another character to see how these above average stats help, and yeah imma put average stat for npcs on max, just for funnies.

😎 🆒

Also, your game isn't available on Brazil broooo :"). I am too stupid to go after a vpn to change my location so could you do something about it?...

Have a great day, may amogus bless you.

So... :") Where is it...

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Wait that image of him fighting a girl...

So its like the same combat-rpg-fight from hybrid heaven? (From Nintendo 64)


if yes, I am already in love with this game.

Interesting :D

What happened to this project? Like it stopped updating for 2 years and the download link isn't there

First image, menacing~

Any chance of a android version coming in the future?