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Joseph Torres

A member registered May 21, 2020

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In my experience (about 10 tries,) I have literally only died from food. I pick up any food I can and use it only when I absolutely must. I don't know if I'm just unlucky, but there seems to just be not enough food. Either way I personally found it getting old and unfair. Like I said it's a great game, but for me this kinda made me lose interest. I'm not saying it should be easier, but I feel like in a dungeon game,I should die from traps or monsters at least half the time.  

Or give us more food. There is no stategy involved in not finding food. If you just rebrand it, it's still anti-climactic. I'm sure everybody would prefer to just not have to worry about food as much, though keep the mechanic intact. Otherwise, fun game!

I've tired for mega victory like 20 times. Why is it literally impossible for me to lose?