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Awesome, thanks! I tried it out and everything seems to be working well. You might want to announce it on reddit at r/AnaloguePocket as well, people are pretty appreciative of new games there!

Thanks again!

I agree, looks great! I'd be happy to help with any issues you might have with generating a pocket file, but it should be just an export option. You can test the result in Emulicious if you want to be sure that everything is working correctly. Thanks!

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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This is great, nice work! 

I just thought you should know that BestPig has made changes to GB Studio 1 and 2 so that they can be used to export games to .pocket as well. Hopefully it shouldn't be as much of an effort on your part to export it. If you're not interested, I can take a look, I would be happy to do the port by hand as an IPS patch.

BestPig's Port: