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Amazing book! Thank you so much for sharing this.

I've grown to realize how amazing RPG books are that give you all the tools to create an entire adventure. Beyond Corny Gron is one of those books, and its flavor is second to none. There are tools for everything you need, including for creating mountain regions and caves, and a truly stunning bestiary that keeps going and going, and much more. And the art is the first thing that attracted me, back in regard to the original Corny Gron book (I have one of the prints hanging on my wall), and this book just amps that up by a thousand. Amazing stuff.

Just an amazing module. Thanks for writing it, Robin.

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Ah, okay. I was wondering whether Luck was the advantage. Thank you so much for responding.

And what a great game. Thank you for creating it.


In combat, do characters without a combat skill roll two dice to attack and take the lowest? I would have assumed that, except that you say that the least skilled NPCs roll one die.

I assume that we eventually get an email about how to get the physical copy. Or did I miss a step?


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Thank you for the response! Your handiwork is amazing, and thank you for creating it.

I'm kind of curious how you imagined combining this with the original adventure, whether you'd use the events and hooks here after the completion of the stuff from the first adventure. But I guess I need to work that out myself.