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Jose Moyano

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Very crazy! Good work!

Great setting and the game is quite fun. I love it.

Great game, scary, creates tension and fun. Hopefully you will do more soon.

I like it very much. I want more! :D



Sure! :D

Nice work! Congratulation :D

Military tanks! xDDDD

Fantastic! Thanks.

Nice game! I love art!

Fantastic game, thanks!

God simulator? Specify, it seems interesting.

microdose  xDDDDD

Great game, congratulations.

I think it's my favorite jam game.

Simple but very good.

Nice job. I like it.

Congratulations on the game in pure HTML. It has much merit.

I love art, and the concept of the game is very good, congratulations.

Very nice, congratulations.

Gameplay is fantastic.  Congratulations.

Good job. I like the idea very much and the art is very interesting.

I have no problem sharing it but I warn you that the code is very bad due to the short time. And once uploaded I saw that it had some bugs but I did not correct them so as not to break the JAM rules. If I had a whole day I would do it better, more robust and well structured. Give me your email and I'll share what you want.

Awesome! Thanks!

And fingers animation! Thanks!

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WtF?! xD

All may be photoscanned, well done.

Awesome Game!

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Awesome! I love your work. I think that right hand of boar man has a little bug in attack anim.Maybe?

Great game, long and with a variety of situations. I think it's amazing that it is the first game he develops.

Awesome! When we can see a mega pack with all your art in :P

Do you accept donations?

Hi! Can show some examples of animations? Thanks!

The student surpasses the teacher. Is known. :D

Very funny :D

Fantastic !!!

You can use the asset for anything you want, personal or commercial, as long as you do not re-sell the product as the new asset. Thanks for your interest.

Great works! Is it animated?

Great work! I like so much!

More enemies or scenaries will be fantastic in futures packs!


Total Fan :D Your pixel art is better every day!