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Jose Bernard

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hey, thanks a lot for all your works !
since Rotap isn't in the playstore anymore, do you still have the .apk file for this game ?
Best regards

Hello, this looks really cool !
d'you guys know if this game will be available someday ?

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screenshots reminded me of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

As a desperate Hoplite player who hasn't recover the Fleece of Yendor from depth 16 yet, this is an interesting take..
do you got any info on Doug's work now ?

I've just discovered the game, it's incredible thanks a lot for this gem, it runs perfectly on my ShiftOS phone

I completly forgot about Vlambeer's Glitchhicker a game programmed to die that can't be played anymore :

unfortunately my pc does very low effort  with unity 3d, kind of disabled with current means

Do you know about Ted Martens' Pixel Fireplace ? 

This meme of an own fireplace is getting really inspiring, it somehow reminds me Handersen's tale Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne

These comforting testimonials should be curated :
i think about Ludonaut's campfire too

they can serve interaction as universal symbols, as does Little Inferno, Dark Souls bonfire, many many more that i can't think of..

hope i read your book soon !

maybe this alt. way works

here some sparse info

greetings researcher, I'm bookmarking your writings for further reading, a lot of things you've been taught for sure.

Taking the concept of Glitch as a core gameplay idea, seems really
impalpable n'est-ce pas.. Travailler à partir de la défaillance même, tel le sous-bassement invisible bienqu'en régissant les systèmes intrinsèques, se manifestant lorsqu'on s'y attend le moins, ou bien les représenter de façon cosmétique par à-coups de clichés apocalipstic ?

j'avoue ne pas réussir à mener à bien une lecture claire et concise du Bug Hunter Manifesto, j'ai néanmoins pu feuilleter les quelques références vidéoludiques,
je profite de ce blurb pour mettre en lien le travail de //BARCHboi se revendiquant lui même en tant que "Glitch Art Game Designer" et dont le dyptique Deios en est un vibrant témoignage.

Au plaisir de glaner et d'agglutiner de futures pépins informatisés

the soil is very rich, he surely benefit the suitable clay-humus complex, bravo, very nice textures

nono, only 1 chest and 1 grail per level (as far as i know) 
the only thing you're adviced about is that the two obects are next to each other
either a way or another, to you to find out

LT / RTの代わりにLB / RBを使って太陽を食べることができると思います。
(I am using a NintendoSwitch controller
so the bumpers are just "click" buttons)

no discgun?

I've alaways sticked to the plan with the lynch's fish kit

you're right, the guy has some works on too 
i'm happy

maybe you like this work by Ryoya Usuha  :

a lot thank you for your work too 
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this magnificent rip-off classical game and art piece, wit. neo-liberalism optimisation on symbiotical flaws that is punk in essence of the unique style that is of Bosh during an era long ago but timeless.

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¡ caracoles !

the soldering in our shoulders dissolves under the pressure of .

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

“I have an exposition of sleep come upon me.” —Shakespeare.


or extract all game files into a newly created folder

okay it all make sense maybe to be best experienced with headphones then 

wah 143mb instead of 25mb for the apk version
 bloated software to fill the google play restrictions ?

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that's the real shit

freeways but 3D

with that "potato man seek the troof, city level" feel

finally we can play ridiculous fishing again

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reminds me a movie

the castaways of the turtle island

thx for the mobile port !

What a thrill

Yep but it lack of pure quintessence de la substantifique mœlle de pallette

A bit like sand:box, by smellymoo :

Check this out tho

deeply tenderized by the abovementioned color palette tho,

these pixels wont stay on the frame forever!

the industrial rythm at the middle of the trailer is absolute banger !!

did you create it ??

so meta

a new detective game begins, gather all error messages from players who still got the .exe with the name of variables and function and et caetera

sorry for the spelling ich bin franzözich


Waw it's so great !

I like the way the walking/running animation is managed in relation to the simple space-bar key

We can adopt our very own rythm ! and the :farmer: body always feel responsive and well-balanced

Its by the ever-changing weather, AND Landscapes that I really fell in love with Milk Run 

we move 

Shalom Ian, thx alot !!

Master. We're in a tight spot.

You pice of motivational seeker full of dedication in your immeasurable quest, I'm beholden

But I'm borrowing your vid anyway..

The first  Wringing seems to be eclipsed and I'm kindof ashamed. same shame for the O green loop that permits itself to coincid not (i was playing with my disabled computer, yours seems to be pretty fast) not my kind of HumanNature pretty sure about it.

My entrails feel warmer You benevolent one

oh... 97 spells..

okay then

Sweet animations and awesome concept dude !

How many spells are they ?

De qualité supérieure certes, mais j'ai des doutes sur l'appellation d'origine contrôlée