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Winrar is bloatware, just use 7-zip to open compressed .rar files

sheep like enemas are way to fast in this tiny room
coupled with the fact that my personal accuracy and the in-game hitboxes is not so-so, Level 7 feels just way too impossible, no one having the same problem here ?

That Was Legitness

Hello, thanks a lot for your work !
for some reason your version of the game works very well for me,
whereas the official vlambeer game on steam has lots of problems with the same gamepad I use

Do you know if the gms source code is still available somewhere ?

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I can't think of a better example of so much effort put for a such lame experience.  The effort put in it and the artstyle are kind of unique, and given the fact the really small studio you are, it is worth mentioning it.
but the gameplay experience is just bad. Like real BAD, the navigation is boring, every rock tile end up repeating itself. The sound and particle effects begins as a real pleasure with headphones on, but like rock tiles, they end up redbarelled.

 And last but not least, the gimmick on which this game relies on, the bosses, they certainly lack some animation fluidity, but that's not the major issue here. the combat with the 3 bosses I've defeated, was kind of the same repeated three times, their different attacks feel kind of the same without feeling nothing (not even bad for them) Why just 3 bosses ? because of "The Tranquil" as you call him, that's reallllly poor game design here. nothing in it's pattern seems noticeable, like the fact you can cut up his tentacles (which respawn automatically after), the most awful thing comes from the submarine we're controlling, which is barely visible amongst all the elements on the screen, after dying repeatedly against this giant squid the game end up crashing (like 2 or 3 times earlier in my playthrough)

The conclusion of my thoughts on this game are quite the opposite of your latest game, Post Void. I think your ambition on this project gone too far at a point that the game feels unplayable and redundant. It's the very opposite of Post Void, where you weren't afraid to propose a very short and condensed experience, when we play at it we do the same actions but every time a little different, and the jewel that's Post Void costs half the price of this scam !
yes I call the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (and besides Life Aquatic remains one of my favorite films) a SCAM, continuing to sell it for money, without knowing if it will work or not, is called, in fact, scamming people.
and that's not very pleasant for such unique and good working guys like you are.

Do Something yo !

it looks so soothing

my bad, they're making, also fly*
I recommend you il filo conduttore from the same author, payable here on itch or via the triennale game collection on steam

they've made an entire game based on a flie too :

thanks a lot for your little game, it is really cool !

ɟǝʇs xɥʇ

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thx foone

I will definitely spend money for an astonishing mobile game to play while in the bus :) 

the infinite amount of procedural generated levels, make it sadly boring, there are plenty of repetitive shapes that end up being somehow worthless in my mind. The music is very cool and relaxing indeed !

Into the Box and Spin Stick Soccer, look really cool to play, especially on mobile, do you still have the apk files ?

petite proposition, cho de rajouter un béret et une baguette sur l'image promotionnelle ? je verrais bien un truc cliché ça comme

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The effort put in the audio, with all the sourced samples, that's an excellent piece of work thanks alot !
a lot of your games seems perfectly shaped for portable devices (android) do you plan on a port of some sort ?

anyway thanks again for the good work !
there's a scoring layer and an exploration layer to it that i like a lot !

Yo, Thanks a lot for this joycefull piece of work ! (and all your other games, they're all crafted with a mayhem intention that make me happy) 

I have purchased a copy of it on steam, but I'll be pleased to buy it again here if you still have the .apk file near by !

(since it don't show on the playstore)

do you think it will be possible for you ?

anyway thx a lot again !

found this Mondrian: Color in Motion board game too

Hey, thanks for this very mindful and saviorish compass it reminded me a lot the DSG (Diagnostic and Statistical checklist for Games) by Jacob Waldemar Buczynski aka Jinxtengu, you surely know about it..
Sometimes I'm thinking you are the same person because of your art are like the two opposite facette of the saim coin toss to me

:insert cringy playback feel:

that's an excellent idea, well executed !

love the fact you can be part of the mountain

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Damn you remind me Glorkian Warrior on my old ipod, chaotic framerate. unfortunately the pc version runs too smoth on my computer, should try it on a minimum spec one..

Ultralight Beam by Tom Sennett does that pretty well too, the android version at least

Gosh, I swear in front of the flying spaghetti monster, that just yesterday I was at my neighbors' house, with two of their gamepads (demanding repair due to joystick drift syndrome) in my hands, without even knowing what I was doing, I placed the two controllers face to face exactly as you did there, the 4 joysticks touching each other. Seeing the multiplication of joints, I thought it would be cool to give it a proper interactive application. It turns out that I stumble upon this page the next night during one of my endless web browsing. Many people may have thought it before and will do it after, but for me, the discovery of your work, is another manifestation of this cosmic dance à laquelle nous somme tous assujettis (sorry for the grammar, English is not my mother tongue)

I tried to tape the joysticks together, but couldn't even manage get pass 5ft speed, can't wait to build a proper interface with the 4 joysticks alone.

You surely know about Alt-Ctrl @ home JAM (it's hosted by MechBird, which work is awesome too) 
Have you planned to submit mutual analogus

Anyway, thanks a lot for all your amazing work, the kind that keeps alive

I Tom ! I'm glad RunMan is coming back ! thanks for all your beautiful work ! I tried to follow your link but it appears to be glimpsed in the web void. Do you have a copy of the origins of Space Rocket aka "why-i-keep-making-the-same-game-over-and-over" ? I would really like to read it !!
(sorry for the spelling I'm french froggy)

very bequtiful plqcem ga;e design ;qsterclqss

busted shqdozs qdd lot of violence

hey i feel that quirky/polished feeling that you're talking about, have you tried TENNNES by Jan Willem Nijman? definitely one of my favorite game experiences.

Hope this will sound music to your ears (except if you get the idea from this same project :)

2 other people helped the guy make a Pong clock screensaver for pc/mac, you can use it meantime

My disabled computer don't let me play Utopias
But I got the chance to experience it at Etopia_ZGZ's CTRL ALT Play exhibition, mostly all artworks were ruined by abandon.
Your's not ! and I really enjoyed the trip
thank you people.

i'm blown away by such creativity, art at it's finest, really well done !

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Do you ?

hey, thanks a lot for all your works !
since Rotap isn't in the playstore anymore, do you still have the .apk file for this game ?
Best regards

Hello, this looks really cool !
d'you guys know if this game will be available someday ?

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screenshots reminded me of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

As a desperate Hoplite player who hasn't recover the Fleece of Yendor from depth 16 yet, this is an interesting take..
do you got any info on Doug's work now ?

I've just discovered the game, it's incredible thanks a lot for this gem, it runs perfectly on my ShiftOS phone

I completly forgot about Vlambeer's Glitchhicker a game programmed to die that can't be played anymore :

unfortunately my pc does very low effort  with unity 3d, kind of disabled with current means

Do you know about Ted Martens' Pixel Fireplace ? 

This meme of an own fireplace is getting really inspiring, it somehow reminds me Handersen's tale Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne

These comforting testimonials should be curated :
i think about Ludonaut's campfire too

they can serve interaction as universal symbols, as does Little Inferno, Dark Souls bonfire, many many more that i can't think of..

hope i read your book soon !

maybe this alt. way works

here some sparse info

greetings researcher, I'm bookmarking your writings for further reading, a lot of things you've been taught for sure.

Taking the concept of Glitch as a core gameplay idea, seems really
impalpable n'est-ce pas.. Travailler à partir de la défaillance même, tel le sous-bassement invisible bienqu'en régissant les systèmes intrinsèques, se manifestant lorsqu'on s'y attend le moins, ou bien les représenter de façon cosmétique par à-coups de clichés apocalipstic ?

j'avoue ne pas réussir à mener à bien une lecture claire et concise du Bug Hunter Manifesto, j'ai néanmoins pu feuilleter les quelques références vidéoludiques,
je profite de ce blurb pour mettre en lien le travail de //BARCHboi se revendiquant lui même en tant que "Glitch Art Game Designer" et dont le dyptique Deios en est un vibrant témoignage.

Au plaisir de glaner et d'agglutiner de futures pépins informatisés