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Jose Bernard

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a new detective game begins, gather all error messages from players who still got the .exe with the name of variables and function and et caetera

sorry for the spelling ich bin franzözich


Waw it's so great !

I like the way the walking/running animation is managed in relation to the simple space-bar key

We can adopt our very own rythm ! and the :farmer: body always feel responsive and well-balanced

Its by the ever-changing weather, AND Landscapes that I really fell in love with Milk Run 

we move 

Shalom Ian, thx alot !!

Master. We're in a tight spot.

You pice of motivational seeker full of dedication in your immeasurable quest, I'm beholden

But I'm borrowing your vid anyway..

The first  Wringing seems to be eclipsed and I'm kindof ashamed. same shame for the O green loop that permits itself to coincid not (i was playing with my disabled computer, yours seems to be pretty fast) not my kind of HumanNature pretty sure about it.

My entrails feel warmer You benevolent one

oh... 97 spells..

okay then

Sweet animations and awesome concept dude !

How many spells are they ?

De qualité supérieure certes, mais j'ai des doutes sur l'appellation d'origine contrôlée

Mr. Oizo in da House

Nice ! especially when it's made from Scratch

i resized my browser window... 

making it even smaller x) 

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the respawn system is perfect and very fun

and the walljumping is a very tense one

Men, that's awesome ! 

How to increase difficulty ? Making it Microscopic !

however, I think it Would be great that the box take place in the center of your game page. I don't know if it is possible though

hello ?

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I have to much gluten in my stomach.

Please help me start a brand new life, 

Make me JUMP !

(you'll need space key)