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Really really good! The background music is really soothing, to the point I didn't even notice 50 minutes passed while playing this. It really captures the feeling of a ominous, but cathartic dream! I really don't think this game would benefit from being longer, I think it's better to keep it short and sweet. But I will definitely keep my eyes open to any other games you publish, if you are planning any! 

(The only sad thing is that, somewhere along the way my penguin friend just disappeared, so i got worried i did something wrong. But I'm pretty sure it just wandered off frame or something ^^')

Playing this was like revisiting LSDDE and Yume Nikki but in a completely new way. I really loved the ambiance and the scenaries, plus the music was just perfect! Somewhat sad that this stayed only in demo form, cause I think it really had potential, but regardless, it was a lovely experience!

The game was delightful to play! The pixel art was really cute, and the puzzles, although not that challenging, made me think for a bit before mindlessly mining my way out. Very satisfying and fun short game ^^

This is such a lovely, but somewhat melancholy, game that I really enjoyed playing it. Reminds me of old abandoned forums and empty malls. Really gives you an impression, that some places were full of people, but aren't anymore. The models are adorable as always, and so is the soundtrack! Really chill experience  :>

This game explores themes and concepts with a nuance that very little media is capable to, which is why I appreciate it so much. Specially in the terms of the family, which we see a lot of polarizing depictions in media, either being fully against or fully supportive of their queer kids. Overall it hit a bit too close to home, but I think that's what makes it great! It is able to show a facet of the young adult experience that many go through, given it be abusive relationships, distant families, friends growing apart or financial insecurity. I'm just happy this game exists, as, again, very few are able to be this genuine and raw with their art.

I really enjoyed exploring this little world of unfinished projects a lot! I feel like we, as people in general, struggle a lot at just being happy for the sake of creating something, as if only finished and polished projects have worth, so seeing this really made my day! Really makes a point to appreciate our little creations, even if they don't become something big. Also the song and visuals give a dream-like sensation that remind me of exploration RPGMaker games like Yume Nikki, which I just find very comforting. Very lovely experience!

Althought very short, the game has a lot of potential! While not really scary, it has a sense of loneliness throughout, and if game jams didn't have such tight time restrictions, I'm sure it could've go down a more horror inducing experience. The graphics are very pleasing too, with that pixel-ly noise on top of (what it looks like) low poly models, very appealing! It saddens me that this looks like the first and last game you made here, cause I'd love to see whatever else you had in mind for it!

One of favorite games ever. The dialogue and visuals are wacky and weird, but that's what makes it charming. Got a lot of chuckles out of me, and it's just very inspiring in terms of creativity! It always put me in the mood to create something! Bought this game almost a year ago, but still play from time to time, as I always discover something new everytime. I simply adore the art and collage feel it gives, and it's something I don't think I can't get with any other game or media. Thanks for the beautiful game! :D

This game made me extremely happy while playing it. The awkward humor and interactions between the characters are really sweet, even when it's something like daylight hat robbery. Particularly loved helping the cat with their food and warmth. Overall a great experience that show the beauty of the everyday and it's oddities!

I just finished it, and it was so fun to play it! Not only the fights are somewhat challenging, but the dialog is very well written and pretty funny at times. So far I've only been able to get one ending, which i assume it't the main one, but I'll definetly will replay it to find the other(s) and also to look around some bits I rushed!(Also the burnts design fucking rule!!!)