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Loved the game! Sadly got stuck while in camera mode and then accidentally walking into a climbable plant. The character feels a bit sluggish to control.

The level design was a bit overwhelming... all the animals and plants get thrown into your face with little breathing room or room to explore and find them, so getting a new animal/plant doesn't feel rewarding enough.

Hello. We do not have any formal way of communication, but you can reach out to me on Discord #Jordi~#0030

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Thank you! The initial design was to make it kind of a "Sneeze stealth game" where other shoppers would get into panic mode seeing and or hearing your sneeze, and that would cause the most chaos and damage for your score, where the actual sneezes have much less impact and range. When that scope was a bit too big we just focused on making the sneezing fun. We didn't have time to properly re balance the scoring

Thank you! We wanted both getting scores and demolishing to be fun, that's why there's two types of scores for the levels in the main menu (:

Hey, thank you for playing the game and leaving your comment. Improving the narrative is on our list. We'll try to polish it over the next patches. Unfortunately only after we're done polishing the current experience we can have a look at eventually expanding the game.

This is some really good feedback. Thank for your time writing the comment and recording playing the game!

We are aware that some interactions and combinations don't feel right and can be frustrating. We'll get together and see what the best solutions for those are as we continue to polish the overall experience and the narrative as well. 

Thank you for your comment! The issue you have described has been addressed and will be fixed in the next patch.

Thank you for your detailed explanation. We will look into this issue.

Clicking on it will open the backpack. Thank you for the feedback. We will try to address this issue so it will be more clear in a future update.

Same issue here. It is also hard to control the direction of the flashlight. Would consider adding a deadzone to the analog input 

Thank you! 

Hey! This is played in 3rd person. You move the character by clicking in the level.