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ouch but thx

Awesome game!! So entertaining and the end credits was so clever. I did find a bug though, nothing game breaking, but still a bug. When doing the last levels (getting the balls), when I get on the little edges that poke out of the border (Trapezoids that go towards the inner of the screen), I'll get stuck, and then when I click to move the character will start bouncing around the screen. Sorry if people already mentioned it, anyways, great game! 

Stopped at 43 because my hands started cramping so I'm not sure if there is an actual ending or if the ending is supposed to be nothing, nonetheless, it was an interesting concept and the art was cool. Keep up the good work!

Was really getting into it! The dialog and characters are funny and the atmosphere is really amazing, the music, sound, and art works so well together. Hope to see a finished project if you're planning on it!!

Loved it!! The vibes were perfect and the music at the end made me giggle. Mouse sensitivity killed me tho

Nice and simple, really enjoyed the concept of it all. Keep up the good work!

Cute, entertaining, and simple! Reminds me a lot of some old flash games where the concept was easy to grasp but entertaining with all the little things to worry about without anything becoming too much

Lovely game. The simplicity of the art and the music allows the story to really consume the player. It all goes so well together, keep up the good work and I wish you the best.