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Great game, I found the lore of the Tornuktu very interesting and wish this game was longer! Check out this story explained video I made on it whenever you have the time :)

A deep dive into the lore and story of this game

I remember watching this game when I was really young, and it’s still terrifying. 

Here is a story explained video I made on it!  

Enjoyed this one!

I have no words to describe this. This was by far the most confusing, stupidest, dumbest and all of the above.

But this was amazing, I love your work and I can not wait for the next game!

This was weird, but very enjoyable

Here’s a story explained video I made on this awhile back, and I can not wait for episode 3 to come out! Great work!

This was by far the scariest game I have ever played in my life. I had just signed up for therapy due to how traumatizing this really was for me. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!