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A small review in Portuguese. People here are enjoying it.
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A small review in Portuguese/Brazil. People here really liked it.

Vou aproveitar pra colocar o video do amigo aqui.

I'm probably playing it wrong, but people will understand how the game works.

I hope to see continuation of this quest.

Acho que está faltando o arquivo... ;P :D

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Nice Game!!! People here in Brazil are really enjoying it. We want more maps.

Nice Game!!!

Nice Game!!!

Show de bola! Vou acompanhar :D Quem sabe um pack novo só de Heros and NPC´s. Eu compro!

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Hey Beowulf! Seria muito legal se tivesse uns 2 ou 3 heróis para enfrentar esses Boss & Minions! Você tem planos pra isso? Eu estou aqui pensando em criar um jogo com esses Monstrinhos, mas queria ter uns 2 ou 3 Heróis pra gente jogar com eles.

I loved it. I just found it too short. In two minutes it is possible to finish the game. I think you should invest in more games like that. Nowadays, Print and Play games are having a great success. You could make a version with more enemies, or other dungeons. And I really liked the idea of two players playing. It is difficult to see Roll and Write games for two players.

Gameplay in Portuguese
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Just a little review in Portuguese

A silly question but, why is there no content in Portuguese?