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Well, those fixes were great. This game was really fun, all it needs is a "you win" screen when you get the amulet on floor thirteen. Or an ascent back up to floor 1 after getting the amulet. Or both. Something like that. But good job on this one, I love it.

also if i pushed the arrow keys too fast or held them it would freeze the ability to make an input for a few seconds so i'd have to wait before i could move again.

launching through the desktop client for windows 10x64 doesn't work. Also, the first time i played, i just kept going down the stairs and it told me i won after several floors. after winning i kept going down the stairs and eventually got to a floor that just spawned 8 red enemies, and one of the floors had one of the red enemies spawn in the wall.

I got down to around floor 8, and one of those circle chests is in the area, but it spawned right in front of the corridor i need to go through to get to the stairs to the next level so I can't complete the floor.

Hey I've explored the entire first floor. Are there supposed to be stairs or anything?

Your game freezes after about 3 minutes of playing. One time it happened around floor 6 and i stepped on a 5 spot. Another time it happened when i was stuck bouncing between two 2s before i realized I can swap tiles.