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Oh, it was on the chat commands on the FAQ. Thanks!

Can I make it so that my character doesn't have that purple outline? And also change the crosshair color?

Would be amazing!

Yeah, my intent was to support, hence why I wanted to try the demo first.

I saw a video from itch stating there was a demo. Where is it? I'd like to try the game to see if I buy it.

Played the demo. In love with the art and atmosphere. Gameplay is tight. I encountered some gramatical mistkes in the dialogues such as "your" instead of "you're" and "then" instead of "than". 

You can't buy anything in the Neon shop for your store. Pressing E when selecting an item closes the dialogue, and other buttons do nothing.

It would be nice if there was a menu that shows the keymapping/controls.

Some things are a little confusing to navigate, like how to close/cancel menus and certain dialogues.

If you're far enough from enemies, you can attack them and kill them they'll just stand there. Not sure if this is an intended mechanic.

Overall, it looks very polished and you can tell it's a labour of love. Excited for full realease. Will be keeping an eye on this game.

Still in development?