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Came from the discord. This demo is dead and we have to purchase the game from now on.

Loving this so far. Billy is a treasure.

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Do you have a patreon? Are you planning to work on other games?

Encountered a bug where I played through all of Tiff, I made a mistake on an order so I restarted the game. It put me back to me fingering her but then I went the entire game without getting her sex scene, even though I was at 5 stars for a long time.

Good game! I will watch your career with great interest!

Is there going to be a free update? I know the patreon version is on 8.1.

So I finished make the foundtion for the first villager's house, but it does not give me the blueprint to place it. Is that a bug or just the amount of content in o.o.1?

I'm stuck at the point where I got the keycard at the mall from the security but it won't let me open the door.

so would the next update be 3.5 or 4.1?


Does anyone know where the pizza slice is? It's stumping me on night 2.

Where is the pizza slice from night 2?

Would we be able to view the new scenes without starting over?

I'm also getting an error when I  play Malaena 's route.

Let's go! Hope you all continue to be safe.

Where do I find the 7 girls to give them their rooms?

I am at the point where we meet Maeve. When she says she's back on duty, the game errors. I've tried re downloading but it keeps on erroring

This has potential to be great!

I can't seem to get the second to last picture in the gallery (the one between the blowjob and the pussy licks.

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Thanks I didn't know I had to hold down both buttons.

Hi, i'm playing on keyboard and I can't get passed the first plank. I'm pressing down and A but nothing happens, it does not break.

Any specific deadlines your looking at?