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oh dang! Yeah, grabbing more cans would have been smart 😂 idk why I didn’t try that haha

I didn't have time to play the whole game, but I recorded myself playing a little of it :) You got many laughs out of me. Great work! 

I think my hope was that the disorientation would add to the chaos, but I don't have the perspective of someone who didn't draw the map haha

I live for pain

Thank you very much haha that is the response I was hoping for XD

I like the concept. I definitely think the character should be more "floaty". The gravity seemed intense. Good job though :)

Aiming for 7 PM EST :)

Aiming for 7 PM EST!

I'll see how much time I have on stream! I'm gonna aim to start around 7 PM EST. If not, I may be able to play it in my free time and post that to youtube. I'm gonna chunk up the stream and post it to youtube anyways, so that would be too much more effort :)

I'm gonna shoot for 7 PM EST :)

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Hey! I'm gonna stream a bunch of these on twitch on Wednesday. If you want me to play/rate yours, or have one you played already and think was really entertaining, put it in the comments; I'll check it out! :)

And if you wanna see me play it, I'm JonoExplainsThings on Twtich and YouTube (<--- If that's too advertise-y, let me know. I just know I like watching people play my games, so I wanted to share the love haha)

EDIT - A lot of people are asking, so the plan is 7 PM EST on Wednesday if you wanna watch!

I appreciate the feedback :) I didn't have the most time to make it smooth for the jam, but I guess part of me feels the janky-ness of it kind of adds to the panic. Definitely room for improvement, though haha

Yeah, I you can't technically win at the moment. It just gets harder every time you complete a day. Spent so much time drawing everything, I didn't have a crazy amount of time to make the mechanics smooth. Planning to add some enhancements in the future. I think the "it took me a minute to realize I was in a house" is on brand for what I was going for since I drew all the outlines with a blindfold on haha

If you have any questions about how to use the program, leave them here!

Use this thread to give suggestions or point out bugs in the program!

thanks haha it’s not my proudest work

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Version 1.2.2 - Wagon man - If your inventory is full when he tries to give you the axe, you don't get the axe and he will not give you another one. Relates to problem noticed in v 1.1.4

Version 1.2.2 - Fishing - If a fish is caught close to the border of a chunk, it can pop up on the ground in the wrong chunk making it impossible to pick up.

A Let's Play from BU4U Gaming

A Let's Play by JoyJoymoto

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Wasn't actually a glitch in 1.1.6. I forgot to make an if statement an "elif" while working on the 1.1.7 update.

Version 1.1.6 - Holding Items - something happens after initially picking up an item that negates visual priority

Version 1.1.5 - Main Menu - If the MM is accessed by leaving the game while in a place with music, current music continues playing.

Version 1.1.5 - Fishing - Game crashes upon catching some fish (may be due to fish being too large and not having a texture)

RESOLVED - 1/13/18

Version 1.1.5 - Stat banner - When the user achieves level two, the stat banner is out of place because the stat page has updated the cordinates

Like I said, no hate! It looks like a cool game :)

I'm not trying to call plagiarism, I'd like to think this is a genuine coincidence, but I have a game on here I have been working on for several months now called "Easteria" that has a similar art style, although my game is top-down. My game is more of an open world adventure, so mechanic wise, they're not very similar, but I did recently add fishing to it. Small world haha

Version 1.1.4 - Inventory - When inventory is full, items forcefully added to inventory are lost forever

Version 1.1.4 - Fish - Fish cannot transfer from one chunk to another, so if they reach the edge of a chunk while being reeled in, they are caught.

RESOLVED - 8/14/17

Version 1.1.3 - Achievements page - If large number of achievements are earned, user cannot scroll down on page.

Easteria community · Created a new topic Game Glitches

This discussion is for letting me know about glitches in the game. Please follow the format below:

         Version # - Area - Description of glitch

*Please read through this forum first to see if your glitch has already been logged. Thank you!

Easteria community · Created a new topic Let's Plays

This discussion is for posting links to Let's Plays of Easteria

Not only do I enjoy seeing people's reactions and reviews of my game, but I also find the feedback very useful in improving the game.

If you post a video here and I feel it does well to represent the feel and contents of the game, I will make it the page's trailer

  1. If you find the son five times, he will follow you. I am working on ways to make the actual searching more entertaining while not shortening the length of time necessary because the Neural Network takes time to learn how to chase you.

If you have any feedback on any aspect of the game, feel free to post in this chat. Positive comments, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome! Just try to keep things constructive.